Java and JavaScript

The Java Tutorial From SUN, the creators of Java.

Shlurrrpp......Java learning Java : The Java tutorial for java programming In Spanish, as well as English.

Java FAQ Archives Many FAQs for Java developers.

Making Sense of Java Clarifies some common misconceptions about Java.

EarthWeb's JARS.COM Rates and reviews Java applets and applications on the WWW.

Applets Sun's definition of a Java applet and links to Java applets archives on the WWW.

Java Applets Netscape's definition of Java applet, some applets, and Java links.

Kitchen Sink: Java Art Room Interactive java art applet.

Black Coffee Home Page Java applets and source code resource that is being created for a CD-ROM

Infospheres - Java Resources Over 100 links to Java sites on the Web, organized by category.

Java Home Page Official Java Homepage, from SUN.

Ben Sigelman's Electronic Frontier One developer's applets.

Gamelan A ton of Java resources from Developer.Com.

The Java Developer Resources, Q&A, and job listings for Java developers.

The Java(TM) Boutique: A Collection of Java Applets Over 140 indexed Java applets for your WWW pages.

Presenting Java: Information Sources Annotated links to Java sites on the WWW.

Digital Cats' Java Resource Center -English- [Collection Root] A wealth of Java resources--English and Japanese.

Sun Microsystems Sun's Homepage.

Java Woman home page Well organized site with pointers to applets and resources for developers and novices alike.

Welcome to AppleJava Apple's Java information for developers.

The SunSITE@UTK: The UTK Java SITE Applets, tools, tutorials, and the online JavaZine.

JavaWorld Online magazine.

JavaScript Guide for JavaScript 1.2, from Netscape.

Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages with JavaScript FAQ and applications.

The Home Page Homepage of Perl, popular language for CGI scripting.

CGI Programming Class Perl/CGI online tutorial.

Kira's Web Toolbox CGI and Java Resources.

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Electronic Publishing


The SGML/XML Web Page Over 2000 documents pertaining to SGML and XML..

SGML: Getting Started with SGML "A Guide to SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) and Its Role in Information Management"

Extensible Markup Language (XML) XWL is a restricted form of SGML.

W3C Activity: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) The "W3C statement of direction concerning HTML."

SGML/HTML Resource Centre SGML overview and links to tutorials and other resources on the WWW.

The ISO/IEC JTC1/WG4 Web Service Information on SGML standards. With meeting minutes.

Text Encoding Initiative "An international project to develop guidelines for the preparation and interchange of electronic texts for scholarly research."

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E Journals

D-Lib Magazine "The Magazine of Digital Library Research."

Welcome to the Ejournal Home Page Archive from 1991-1995

Ariadne UK Journal about digital libraries and the UK Electronic Libraries Programme project.

The Journal of Electronic Publishing Online journal about electronic publishing. With archive.

TULIP - The University Licensing Program Test system for delivering journals in a networked environment.

MUSE - Home Page Provides "E subscriptions" to scholarly journals via the Web.

CAJUN Home Page Project endeavored to distribute journals in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

SuperJournal Home Page

Computer The IEEE Computer Society's periodical. Has a neat link to a PDF computer timeline.

The Information Society Journal Scholarly journal that deals with Information technology's impact.

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review WWW journal about end-user computing in libraries.

first monday " of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, about the Internet."

ACM Digital Library including journals, papers, and newsletters.

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Digital Libraries

Computer - Building Large-Scale Digital Libraries Paper about the Digital Library Initiative.

Copyright NHA Basic Principles For Managing Intellectual Property in the Digital Environment

National Archives and Records Administration: Electronic Access Project Project to enable Internet access to "...descriptions of NARA's nationwide holdings...and digital copies of some its mo st popular documents."

The Web

Today on HotWired! HotWired's hip guide to everything Web.

WGBH Educational Foundation/Access Instructions Guidelines for ADA accessible Web sites.

Unified Web Site Accessibility Guidelines Detailed guidelines for accessible Web sites, including color, text,and multimedia.

Media Professional "Making print and online media work for you." (Newsletter for marketing, publishing on the Web.)


Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Publishing Yahoo's hierarchical index.

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Electronic Publishing: Books and Articles Online

Ann Shumelda Okerson: Books, Articles, Websites Articles on electronic publishing and academia.

Sandy Ressler Articles on electronic publishing, PDF files, and virtual reality.

As We May Think, by Vannevar Bush Classic 1945 article which describes hypertext.

Selected Articles On Scholarly Electronic Publishing Reports, articles and other resources.

Perspectives on Electronic Publishing (book) Chapter one is online.

The Art of Electronic Publishing (book) All chapters are online (complete?)

Information Science 565 Information Science 565: Electronic Publishing and Imaging, Fall 1996 (Online syllabus).

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