Statistics 537
Statistics for Research I
Summer 2011
Course Syllabus

I make these assumptions about my students.


1.      They have had at least one semester of calculus

2.      They value the use of statistics to solve problems

3.      They have the intellectual curiosity to read books that give
a higher level understanding of what is covered in the course

4.      They value learning technology as a way to improve their job
prospects. I will use a variety of technologies to help students in this goal.


Course Information


o   Course web site

o   Ramón V. León


o   Cell phone: 865 773 2245.

You can text me at just about any time. Normally, I will respond right away or as soon as I can. You can also call me, but I prefer that you text me first to set up a convenient time for us to talk.)

o   Skype: ramonvleon.

Having a Skype account is required for this course: Once you have it send me a request to be your contact. Think of my Skype address as my virtual office. With Skype I can share with you my computer screen to show you how to work a problem or demo software and see each other to increase rapport. Whenever my computer is on I am accessible in Skype. With Skype you can also chat with me using its chatting capabilities.  It is preferable that you (though not required) that you have a head-set with speakers and microphone and a webcam.

o   Google+:

You need to open a Google+ account. You can wait until I invite you.  Initially, I will conduct my office hours using Skype. Latter in the course I will conduct my office hours using Google+ since with it ten of us can converse at one time with video if we so desire.

o   Course schedule found here.


Catalog Description: Stat 537—Principles and application of statistical methodology, integrated with considerable use of major statistical computing system. Probability and probability distributions, forming and testing hypotheses using parametric and nonparametric inference methods. Matrix-based simple linear regression and correlation. Credit Restriction: Students may not receive credit for both 537 and 531. Recommended Background: 1 year of undergraduate mathematics and 1 undergraduate statistics course.


Textbook (Optional): Statistics and Data Analysis: From Elementary to Intermediate by Ajit C. Tamhane and Dorothy D. Dunlop, Prentice Hall, 2000.


Class Meeting Time and Place: Monday and Wednesday starting June 4th at 4:45 -7:00 p.m. using Blackboard Collaborate.

This program can be accessed from Blackboard by going to the Control Panel tab and then selecting Blackboard Collaborate from the Course Tools menu.


Office Hours: 3:30—4:30 MW using Blackboard Collaborate.


Attendance: Preferably, you should listen to the lectures in real time so that you can interact with me and other students. In cases where this is impossible you must listen to the lecture recordings available through Centra.


Teaching Assistant:  ?


Tests: There will be two midterm take-home exams and a final take-home exam.


Project: You are to find a data set for you to analyze. You will submit a written proposal by email to as an MS Word document describing the data set and the questions that you plan to answer with it. You will not get an A for this proposal unless the data description is clear and complete and you make the source of the data available. I will provide a form to help you to do this. You need to submit with your proposal a JMP file containing the data. (JMP is the statistical software that we will use in the course.) For each column of your JMP file you will need to use the Notes feature of JMP found in the Column Properties drop-down menu to fully explain what the variable in the column is. It is not enough to simply provide the necessarily cryptic column name. Without having these detailed column notes you will also not get an A.


Upon my approval of this proposal you are to analyze the data and write a report with your analysis and conclusions. The report should be submitted by email to as an MS Word attachment. The JMP file with the project data should be attached. This file should have the columns notes required in the proposal and have your most important JMP analyses saved as scripts to the data table. (I will show you how to do this.) The report should be at most eight pages long and start with a summary of the steps you used in your analysis. You should include only a few selected graphs and tables. The final model that you used in the analysis should be clearly stated at the end of the report with a summary of the reasons why you selected it. Use this form to write the proposal and this form to write the project report.


Homework: ?


Book and other Reports: Need to write reports on:


o   TED talk “On the Danger of Science Denial

o    Calculated Risks: How To Know When Numbers Deceive You

o    Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for Business, Politics, and Society  

 You must use this form to do your reports. 


Grade: Your course grade will be computed as follows:


Percent of Grade




Midterm exam


Final exam


Book report on Calculated Risk


Book reports on  Uncontrolled


Project proposal


Project report






Course Score

Grades will be computed using the usual 90+ A and so on.

Software: SAS JMP Version 10. Enrolled students may download a one-year license using the their Net ID and password at

Disability: If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability or if you have emergency information to share, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 191 Hoskins Library at 974-6087. This will ensure that you are properly registered for services.