Labeled Scatter Plot

Import the data on Table 4.13, Page 134 into JMP.

One gets the following JMP table:

Notice that the Year and Years columns are continuous and that the Group column is nominal.

Select all the WM rows by using control click. Go to the Row menu and assign a maker for them. (Try to use markers as close to the ones in the book as you can.) Similarly proceed to assign markers for the WF, BM, and BF rows. You should get the following JMP table:

Go to the Analyze menu and select Fit Y by X. Complete the resulting dialog box as follows and click OK:

You should get the following labeled scatter plot:

One can see better the message of the data if one goes to the red triangle pop-up menu above and select Group by

One gets the following dialog box. Select group as follows and click OK:

Go to the red triangle menu again and select Fit Line.

You will get the following:

If you can not print colors you can go to the four red-triangle pop menus above and change the Line Color to black. If you do this you should also select a different Line Style for each group. This steps will allow you to print a meaningful picture in black and white as was done for the class notes.