Copying JMP and Other Output to Paste into a Word Document

One can copy any JMP output such as the one below in order to paste it into a Word document.

To copy a JMP output one goes to the Tools menu of JMP and selects the Selection (+) tool:

This tool will change the JMP cursor into a cross (+). One can then clicks on top the output one wants to select. One may need to experiment clicking on different parts of the output to make sure one selects what one wants. Or use the control key to keep selecting parts of the plot until you have everything you want to select.

Then, one goes to JMP's Edit menu and selects Copy. This places a copy of the output on the clipboard.

Finally, one can go to the Word document and paste the output there.

In this tutorial, I have instead pasted the output into PageMill, my html editor. The result is seen below.

Note: The first two screen shots above were obtained by using a screen capture utility. I used Jasp Paint Shop. (You cannot get this type of screen shot using JMP.) See how you can do it below.

Windows PrtScn Key Altenative

As an alternative, to get the first two screen shots one might use the Windows key combination Alt + PrtScn. When these two keys are pressed simultaneously Windows captures the active window to the clipboard. (You should resize this window first so you don't copy unwanted parts of the picture.)

Then one can paste it into a Word document and use the cropping and reseizing tool in Word to get the desired screen shot. To view these Word (and Office) tools go to the Views menu of Word; select Toolbars and then Picture.

This brings out a toolbar with the tools for manipulating pictures:

Notice that you can use this method to paste the output of Java applets to a Word document.

This method is more time-consuming than the one using a utility dedicated to obtaining screen shots.

Another way to get screen shots:

Another way is to press the PrtScn key. This will copy to the clipboard the whole desktop. You can paste the destop into the Paint accessory of Windows XP. In paint you can crop the desktop to the part you want. Then copy and paste into Word or any other program.