Summarizing Bivariate Categorical Data

Download JMP data file of the data on Table 4.7, Page 129. Notice this is a JMP file, not a text file, so the browser will ask you where you want to save it. Save it to the desktop or any other folder that you might wish.

You should get the following table but with the rows in a different order:

To make sure that the rows are ordered as above double click on top of the Income ($) column and select List Check from the Column Properties menu:

Order the categories from the least to the largest by using the Move Up and Move Down button as seen above.

Double click on the Job Satisfaction column and proceed as above to order the categories as follows:

Go to the Analyze menu and select Fit Y by X. Complete the resulting dialog box as follows. (Don't forget to assign the Number column to Freq: )

After resizing to improve appearance you should see the following mosaic plot:

You can right click on the Income($) axis and select Rotated Tick Labels to get:

Also you will see the following frequency table:

By going to the red triangle menu next to Contingency Table one can remove any of the percentages.