Statistics 537: Statistical Methods




StatLib---Datasets Archive

A great source of interesting data sets that you can use for your project

The Data and Story Library

A wonderful set of stories with their associated data sets

Other Data Sets

Government Statistics

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

This site has many Java APPLET illustrating statistical principles, an on-line statistics textbook, and examples of real data analyses. This site is a must to visit.

Statistical Assessment Service

The Statistical Assessment Service examines the way that scientific, quantitative, and social research are presented by the media, and works with journalists to help them convey this material more accurately and effectively.

Chance News

More statistics in the news.

Washington Post Poll Center

Gallup Polls

Florence Nightingale's Statistical Graphics

Statistical Education and Software

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics is an integrated set of course materials that includes expository text, applets, data sets, graphics, biographical sketches, and other elements. Mathematical expressions are encoded in MathML, the Mathematics Markup Language, so that they are displayed in proper notation and can be imported into other applications.

The Probability/Statistics Object Library is a library containing the Java applets in the Virtual Labs project, as well as the components of the applets and Java documentation. The applets are designed to be self-contained so that they can be downloaded and embedded in a teacher's own web pages. The components adhere to a carefully designed object model, and can be used to create custom applets without having to program the low-level details. All objects in the library are freely available for use, modification or redistribution under the General Public License.

 Other Java Applets Illustrating Statistical Principles:

Kyle Siegrist's Probability/Statistics Java Applets