Statistics 537: Statistics for Research 1

Summer 2012
Due Dates


All work should be submitted to Dr. León at




M June 4

o   Classes begin

W June 6

o   Get Skype account

·       Send Dr. León your Skype ID

·       Go to the Contacts menu and add Ramón with Skype ID ramonvleon. Say something about being my student so that I know the request is legitimate.

o   Download JMP 10 available here

M June 11

o   Report on the Danger of Science Denial video

o   Get Windows Live account

W June 13

o   Get Google+ account

M June 18

o   Project proposal (Postponed indefinitely)

o   Report on the book Calculated Risk

W June 20

M June 25

o   Report on chapter 1 and 2 of Uncontrolled

W June 27

M July 2

o   Report on chapter 3 and 4 of Uncontrolled

W July 4


M July 9

o   Report on chapter 5 and 6 of Uncontrolled

W July 11

o   Exam 1 due

M July 16

o   Report on chapter 7 and 8 of Uncontrolled

W July 18

M July 23

o   Report on chapter 9 and 10 of Uncontrolled

W July 25

o   Project report  due

M July 30

o   Report on chapter 11 and 12 of Uncontrolled

W August 1

M August 6

(Last Class)

o   Final Exam due