S+ Downloading and Installation Instructions


1.    Visit: http://eStore.OnTheHub.com

2.    Click Sign in at the top right hand corner.

3.    Click Not Registered.

4.    Registered as suggested, they will then send you an
e-mail confirming your account.  You must use your "utk.edu" e-mail address.

5.    Once you are notified that you have an existing account,
you can re-visit http://eStore.OnTheHub.com, sign in.

6.    Click "start shopping" at the bottom of the page.

7.    In Product search: type SPLUS, you should see this page, and
you are looking for the S-plus 8.0 edition for students.  Add to cart. 
You "purchase" just like you were buying anything else, only
your charge will be zero at the end.



8.    You'll then get an email from them confirming your order with instructions on how to download to your PC. 

9.    It reads like this: "Thank you for your order. You may now download the items you have ordered
by visiting the following link. Full details, including any required serial numbers and activation codes,
are always available online at:http://e5.onthehub.com/d.ashx?s=4csrd0z22g" 

10.     Follow the link, sign in again to start your download.

(Warning, I have a solid internet connection and it took at least 2 hours to download.
so I recommend downloading it on campus where the internet connection is much faster.

11.  Then, download SPIDA per these instructions.