SPLIDA Installation Instructions for SPlus 8

I assume that you have installed S+ per these instructions.


To add SPLIDA to SPlus:


1.    Download the SplidaSV4.exe file from





2.    Execute splida.exe. This will create a folder c:\splida


3.    Copy (do not just move) the folder c:\Splida\SplidaUser to c:\SplidaUser


4.    Copy (do not just move) the SplidaUsr80 shortcut (file c:\Splida\SplidaUsr80.lnk) to the desktop.


5.    To complete the setup, click on the SplidaUsr80 shortcut on the desktop. You will get an "improper path" message.
This is normal. Click "ok." SPLIDA will then automatically make its .Prefs folder and the SPLIDA menu structure. 
This may take a few minutes.


6.    Exit S-Plus (to preserve the menu structure just created).


7.    Now, get back into S-PLUS and run the following test.

From the S-PLUS menu bar try

Splida -> Single distribution analysis -> Probability plot with parametric ML fit

Choose life data object BearingCage.ld and distribution lognormal. Click "Apply."


8.    Go to http://www.public.iastate.edu/~wqmeeker/splida/SplidaGui.pdf and download the
SPLIDA manual and read the first ten pages or so. You are now ready to use SLIDA. Good luck!