Ramón V. León
Short Professional Biography

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Since 1991 I have been an associate professor in the Department of Statistics, in the College of Business Administration of the University of Tennessee. Some of my favorite courses are:

Bell Laboratories

I worked at Bell Laboratories from 1981 to 1991 then part of AT&T and now part of Lucent Technologies. In my last management position there, I was responsible for technology planning and deployment (including research, software development, consulting, and training) in robust product and process design (Taguchi Methods), statistical process control, and statistical experimental design. Before that I headed a group with similar responsibilities but in the area of reliability engineering. (I was a certified reliability engineer.)

I was co-developer of AT&T's first course based on Ishikawa's seven quality improvement tools. I was also one of three people who introduced Quality Function Deployment to AT&T. I was involved in Bell Laboratories early research efforts to understand Professor Taguchi's design of experiment techniques. (This research is documented in Quality Control, Robust Design, and the Taguchi Method, K. Dehnad, Editor. ,1989, Wadsworth Brooks.)

While at Bell Laboratories, I was adjunct professor of statistics at Rutgers University Department of Statistics. In this position I lead a team of Rutgers statistics faculty and industrial statisticians in creating the concentration in quality and productivity that is now part of their statistics masters degree and of the industrial engineering masters degree. With John Kitchen I did all the curriculum planning for the concentration and developed and taught their first course in quality management.

Florida State and Rutgers Universities

Before joining Bell Laboratories, I taught in the departments of statistics of Rutgers University and The Florida State University.


My papers have appeared in Technometrics, The Annals of Statistics, The Annals of Probability, Mathematics of Operations Research, Statistics Sinica, The Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, The American Statistician, Quality Engineering, Journal of Quality Technology, IEEE Transactions in Reliability and Mechanics of Materials among others. Of particular interest is my paper with A. C. Shoemaker and R. N. Kacker "Performance Measures Independent of Adjustment: An Explanation and Extension of Taguchi's Signal-to-Noises Ratios." In this paper we identified the conditions where the use of Taguchi's Signal-To-Noise Ratio is correct. This paper was an invited discussion paper in Technometrics (1987, Vol. 29, pp. 253-265) and is one of the references listed in Douglas Montgomery's book Design and Analysis of Experiments, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Edition.