JMP Video Tutorials for Elementary Statistics

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Creating, Importing and Exporting Files with JMP

o   Creating a JMP data table

o   Importing an Excel file into JMP

o   Exporting a JMP file into Excel

Graphical Display of Categorical Data

o   Bar Chart

o   Pie Chart

o   Pareto Chart

o   Mosaic Plot

Graphical Display of Quantitative Data

o   Histogram and Box Plot

o   Stem and Leaf Plot

o   Side-by-Side Box Plots

o   Normal Probability Plot and Goodness of Fit Test

o   Time Plot

Numerical Summaries of Quantitative Data

o   Calculating Summary Statistics of Quantitative Data

Correlation and Regression

o   Scatterplot

o   Correlation

o   Least-Squares Regression Line, Residuals Plot and Histogram of Residuals

o   Inference about Regression Coefficients

o   Confidence Intervals and Prediction Intervals for Regression Response

Transformations of Variables - Examples

o   Log Transformation

o   Negative Reciprocal Square Root


Inference about a Population Proportion

o   Confidence Interval and Hypothesis Testing for a Population Proportion

T-Tests (Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing)

o   One-sample t Test

o   Matched Pair t Procedure

o   Two-Sample t Procedure (assuming unequal population variances)

Test of Independence for Two Categorical Variables

o   Chi Square Test for Two-Way Table

Miscellaneous Topics

o   Excluding Data from an Analysis

o   Getting JMP Graphics into Microsoft Word

o   Taking a Simple Random Sample

o   Getting Multiple Histograms on the Same Scale

o   Forcing Categorical Data to Display in a Specific Order

o   Using Different Symbols for Different Groups in Graphical Displays



*These screen-capture tutorials were originally created by Ramn V. Len and
subsequently improved by Charles M. Cwiek.


o   A Wonderful Animation of a Bubble Plot

o   Raw Bar Chart YouTube Video