Learning and Becoming

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Tech Aided Teaching Videos

o   Using JMP in Introductory Statistics

Where I work

o   University of Tennessee

o   College of Business Administration

o   Department of Statistics, Operations and Management Sciences

Courses that I teach

o   Stat 201 BA: Introduction to  Statistics/Analytics

o   Stat 537: Statistics for Research 1

o   Stat 538: Statistics for Research 2

o   Stat 560: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

o   Stat 567: Analysis of Lifetime Data

o   Stat 571: Statistical Methods (Legacy website for a course that I no longer teach.
It has links to data sources and other content that could be useful to
students taking the courses listed above that I do teach.)

About me

o   Education

o   Short professional biography

o   Google Scholar profile

o   My wife and I

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