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Taped Language Program
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Mahagi LaCure, Director
701 McClung Tower
Dept of Modern Foreign
Languages & Literatures
E-mail: mlacure@utk.edu





Before you register

  1. If you intend to take a course under the Taped Program, open the Application and Contract form (PDF file) and go to the NASILP homepage as directed.  Listen to the interview “What does it take to be a NASILP student?”  to understand the nature of self-instructional language programs.   We use a modified self-instructional program.  
  2. Print and fill out the student Application and Contract form, submit it to the office of Dept. of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, 701 McClung Tower, with ‘Attention: Mahagi LaCure’.
  3. The director will contact you if there is a need.
  4. Please keep in mind that the courses are not for native speakers.  

Once registered

  1. Syllabus, course schedule, and supplementary materials will be available on Blackboard about 2 weeks prior to the start of each semester.  Use your Net ID and password to access Blackboard.
  1. Watch instructional videos, “Text, Tape and Tutor” (30 minutes) and "What did the Student Learn"  (40 minutes) from Blackboard.  These videos are old but very informative. 
  1. Attendance on the first day of each semester is mandatory.  If you are absent, you may be dropped from the class.


Last edited: 12/25/2012