Weblog March 6, 2007

Vote For The Worst

Vote For the Worst.com

I found this site after hearing people complain about somebody who is really bad not getting voted off of American Idol. I'd heard people talking about some kind of conspiracy before, but I never thought there was actually a website with a fan base making this happen. As it turns out, there are a lot of people signing on this site and making a concerted effort to call in and vote for the worst contestant on American Idol (this year's pick is Sanjaya). They have pages and pages of blogs from people writing in support to people who are absolutely infuriated that they are undermining the legitimacy of the show. They even have their own "Worst Idol" competition in which people send in videos and visitors to the site vote on which is the absolute worst. I think the concept is really unique and it's cool that a website is having such an impact on a television show.