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"Facebook: The Media Should Stop Covering It and Learn From It"

This is a blog on one of the sites we visited in class. It's really long, but it talks about how facebook is redifining our culture and that today's students are the "transitional generation" that will bridge the gap between the older generations who see phone calls and in-person meetings as the only real forms of meaningful correspondence, and the next generation that prefers facebook, emails and text messages as their primary ways of keeping in touch.

Also, the blog talks about how school administrators and even police are getting on facebook and issuing citations from everything from underage drinking to obstruction of justice. While I knew that school administrators were getting on facebook because of much, much drama concerning facebook, alcohol, and athletes being discovered by the athletic director at Martin, I didn't realize the extent to which the police were utilizing it. The author of this blog links to a site about a student who was arrested because of things he posted on facebook. The authors of that site searched for police officers on facebook and found 16 registered under the University of Illinios alone. I'm not in the habit of putting incriminating pictures of myself on facebook, but knowing this certainly makes me more cautious. Police On Facebook

The site also points out that sites like MySpace and facebook take someone's privacy out of his own hands by allowing others to post pictures of them. Someone could have pictures of you posted and if they didn't tag them you would never know. It wouldn't even matter if the person was registered on facebook or not, there could still be pictures of them on the site.

Well, I'm not ready to delete my facebook account just yet, but this information is certainly food for thought.

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