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Cave News

This site is a collection of unsual news stories. It is Perry Peterson's personal blog page and it features a wide array of interesting and/or humorous stories. Today's posting is about France going public with 50 years of previously top-secret UFO files. Other stories listed talk about everything from watches made of Titanic DNA to a company selling fake marijuana plants for home and office decorations.

All of the stories are open for comment and most of them have multiple links and pictures in the text. In addition to the blog posts in the center of the page he has two side bars full of other links. He has links to photo albums, current yahoo news articles, archives, readers comments, as well as a huge list of categories and other websites he frequents. It's really a very well done blog. It's nothing that jumps out at you because it's fancy, but it's very user friendly and provides a plethora of information. It's really one of the best personal sites I've seen.

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