Weblog- April 3, 2007

Choosing A Story

This article is part of Berkeley's Multimedia Journalism site. This article begins by explaining what a multimedia article is- some combination of text, still photographs, video clips, audio, graphics and interactivity presented on a Web site in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium is complementary, not redundant. The site then goes on to provide good examples of multimedia sites. It also stresses that just because a site has all the elements of a multimedia site, it often isn't. Sites like CNN and MSNBC have all the requirements for such a site, but the different elements are all separated and become free-standing entities. In a sense these sites present more of a multimedia package than an integrated multimedia site. Stories that work well for a multimedia format involve pictures, graphics, interviews, demonstrations, ect. Thus, a good multimedia story is not written at a desk via telephone, but by interviewing and photographing in person. (The Local Heroes site is a great example of a story that seamlessly meshes multimedia together.) This site is very helpful in determining what is/is not a good multimedia story. 


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