Weblog April 21

The Nation

This is a news site I just stumbled across. While the layout of the page is nothing at the forefront of creativity, the site provides a lot of news articles and a wealth of resources. The site is very interactive in that it has multiple blogs running at any given time and all articles on the site are open for comment. The site also continuously publishes "Bletters" from readers (short for web letters) and has 1 or 2 polls running about major issues. The way they solicit reader's thoughts and ideas and constantly update the site makes it a fluid sounding board that is unmatched by print media.

Student Nation

The Nation also links to its student site that features articles and editorials that would be of most interest to individuals of the 14-25 age group. This site also has links to resources for students such as internships, student writing competitions, and student discounts. It also lists other websites that they like, and they have a sidebar of links to news articles from other web sources. Today, one of the news stories they link to is "Skateboarders Protest Bill" from The Beacon.

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