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MSNBC's What We Know

What We Know

This interactive site does a great job of organizing the details of the Virginia Tech massacre, and even more importantly, it does so in a somber and respectful way. It has three different main parts. The opening page is a memorial to the victims with a picture and information about each one. Another page shows timelines that chart the activities of authorities, the shooter, victims, and eyewitnesses from 7 a.m. to 12:00 p.m each on separate lines. The other page organizes the videos and pictures the shooter mailed to MSNBC between shootings. Underneath the interactive pages there are links to all the other stories that have been published about the VA Tech shooting.

While this event was horrible and tragic, it's obviously newsworthy and I think MSNBC did a good job of handling all the information tastefully and making it easily accessible for the public.

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