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Evergreen Ball
Fourth Annual Evergreen Ball hosted by Friends of the Smokies to be held at Knoxville Convention Center February 27.

New DUI Laws

Tennessee DUI laws don't only apply to drunk drivers.   Changes in DUI laws now state that a passenger or non-present owner of a car who has reason to suspect the driver of being intoxicated is just as guilty as the driver.

Transferring Credits Proves to be Easier Said Than Done
Credits transfer easily between schools in the University of Tennessee System, right?  Wrong.  Transfer students face a labyrinth of equivalency tables and appeals before discovering the always unfortunate news of how many hours they won't get credit for at their new university.  

Women's Magazines Take Root in Knoxville
With the launch of Skirt, Knoxville's second women's magazine, the outlook of local women's publications look promising.
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Nine Ways to Spend Less Time at the Pump
With summer quickly approaching and gas prices nearing $3.00 a gallon, conserving fuel can benefit everyone. Here are some simple tips that can save you money at the pump this summer.

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