Jana Morgan - Department of Political Science



Undergraduate courses offered:

Latin American Government and Politics (LACS/POLS 456) [Sample Syllabus].

Politics of Developing Countries (POLS 350)

Graduate courses offered:

Non-Statistical Approaches to Research and Analysis (POLS 519)

Core Seminar in Comparative Politics (POLS 570)

Area Seminar in Comparative Government and Politics: Latin American Politics (POLS 574)

Special Topics in Empirical Theory and Methods: Qualitative Methods (POLS 610)

Comparative Political Parties and Party Systems (POLS 670)

Politics of Marginalization (POLS 670)

Feel free to contact me for more information or sample syllabi. I am always happy to consult with interested students regarding my courses and the broader topics they cover, which relate to politics in the developing world, democratization, political parties, representation, gender, ethnoracial marginalization, and economic inequality. If you wish to discuss study abroad opportunities or careers related to these themes, particularly in the Latin American and Caribbean regions, I am available.

Students interested in majoring or minoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies are welcome to contact me about the program.