Jana Morgan - Department of Political Science

 Published Research


"Decentralization and Party System Decay." Latin American Research Review. Forthcoming. [Preprint]

"Women in Political Parties: Seen but Not Heard" (with Magda Hinojosa). In Gender and Representation in Latin America, Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, ed. New York: Oxford University Press. Forthcoming. [Preprint]

    Winner of the Leon Weaver Award from the Representation and Electoral Systems section of the American
    Political Science Association.

"Deterioration and Polarization of Party Politics in Venezuela." In Party Systems in Latin America: Institutionalization, Decay and Collapse, Scott Mainwaring, ed. New York: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming. [Preprint]

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Van Cott Award for Outstanding Book from the Political Institutions section of the Latin American Studies Association, 2012 Winner.

Fernando Coronil Award from the Venezuelan Studies section of the Latin American Studies Association, 2014 Honorable Mention.

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