Graduate Physics 627
Section 627001   (Spring 2012)

Class meets Mo,We, Fr 9:05-9:55 in Physics 512

Experimental Particle Physics
This  webpage  is

Scope: methods and tools used in the experimental particle and nuclear physics
including: kinematics; particle
interactions with matter; Monte-Carlo methods, simulation
and data management tools, basics of
statistics, particle
detectors, electronics, and more.

P626 is NOT a prerequisite for P627.

Instructor: Yuri Kamyshkov
tel. office 974-6777
Office: Physics Bldg. 505

Detailed course syllabus (here)               

Recommended books:

Internet resources:
UT HEP neutrino group web portal
UT HEP LHC/CMS group (Prof. S. Spanier)
UT HEP Theory group (Prof. G. Siopsis) SPIRE: HEP, nuclear, astro physics database
INSPIRE: new database Open access Data Base to Physics, Math, etc Link to UTK Library Journals
Typesetting scientific documents Particle Data Group
Particle Physics Conferences Search for Conferences, Workshops
Conference Calendar
Scientific conference calendars on the Web Official String Theory Website
Fermilab Academic Lectures On important Particle Physics topics
CERN Academic Training Lectures
On important Particle Physics topics
TWiki at CERN TWiki at CERN Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory FNAL Stanford Linear Accelerator Center  SLAC Brookhaven National Laboratory  BNL
Laurence Berkley National Laboratory  LNL
DUSEL  Deep Undergraund Science and Eng. Lab.
European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN CERN Public webpage
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron  DESY KEK HEP and Accelerator in Japan
Institute of High-Energy Physics in Beijing Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research JINR, in Russia Institute of High-Energy Physics, in Russia
The Neutrino Oscillation Industry The Neutrino Oscillation Industry in USA
Neutrino Unbound Neutrino webpage in Italy
Long-Baseline Neutrino Newsletters Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Newsletters
National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven
The Isotopes Project Home Page at LBL
Isotopes Catalog
Isotope Production Catalog at ORNL
Units of Measutrements Dictionary of Units of Measurement
DOE  US Department of Energy Office of Science
DOE Office of High Energy Physics
DOE Office of Nuclear Physics
US National Science Foundation
NIST Constants
Fundamental Physics Constants from NIST
ENDF/B-VI Neutron Data Neutron cross section at LANL
Thermal neutron data
N scattering lengths and cross sections at NIST
Easy scheduling
Analysis in PAW Analysis in PAW from BaBar
ROOT framework for data processing at CERN
MINUIT manual
Fortran Function Minimization and Error Analysis
DESY Computer Library
DESY Computer Library
GEANT 3.21 Tutorial
GEANT 3.21 Tutorial
GEANT 4 Resource
at Georgia State University
L.Krauss. Talk
Lawrence Krauss "The universe from nothing" video
McStas - A neutron ray-trace simulation package
Mitja Majele thesis
"MC methods in spallation experiments"
Other course information:

Home Work:  ~ few problems every week (total 11 HWs)

Grades: 55 %-homework (11 x 5%) + Test 1 x 10% + Test 2 x 10%

all tests are in class with any open books and calculator

(no computer or internet access) +

research project : 25% (should result in ~20 min presentation)
Class attendance is a requirement!

If more than 4 classes not attended  ==> oral exam
A > 90%; B> 80%; C>70%; D>60%
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