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Chapter 9: Cash and Marketable Securities Management
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 Exercise 9.1 One- to Two-page Cover Memorandum to Accompany a Copy of an "Online" Business Article

This exercise is designed to help you get acquainted with "online" business periodicals/articles and to give you some practice in developing your writing skills.

Locate and copy an "online" business article that will either better explain a topic covered in Chapter 9, be a real-world example of something covered in Chapter 9, bring the reader up-to-date on a new development related to Chapter 9, or be some combination of these items.

Part IV: Working Capital Management of the textbook's main web site contains links to a number of "online" business periodicals. In "Part IV," for example, you will find links to: Business Finance and CFO.com (with a link to CFO Magazine).

Memo. Adopt a business writing style (including correct spelling and proper use of grammar) in a one- to two-page, typed memorandum submitted to your instructor with an attached copy of the article (including source citation). The subject of your memo should be an executive summary of your chosen article. The memorandum should be written in such a fashion that even a non-business major could understand the subject. In addition, make a short persuasive recommendation (in the body of the memo) to your instructor to have him or her assign this article as a required reading for the class.

(TIP: For help in mastering the memo format, visit the "Memos" web site at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's "Writing Center.")



 Exercise 9.2  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

A visit to "CHIPS & the Global Economy" at the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) web site will provide you with information about CHIPS.

Q. What role does CHIPS play in the financial marketplace? Who owns CHIPS?



 Exercise 9.3 Common Money Market Instruments

FRBNY Fedpoints is a Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) web site with links to on-line "Fedpoint" publications covering many financial topics. Read the section devoted to "float."

Q. What is the most interesting fact that you learned about float that was NOT covered in your textbook?


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