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Films of Schusterman Visiting Israel Professor Igal BursztynApril 18 and 20, 2010

Films of Schusterman Visiting Israel Professor Igal Bursztyn

April 1-3, 2001

East Tennessee Holocaust Conference
“Lost but Not Forgotten: ‘Our Town’.”


  • East Tennessee Holocaust ConferenceProfessor Stephen Feinstein, Director, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN “The Shtetl in Document and Art: Nostalgia and Reality” and teacher workshop, “The Search for Discourse: The Uses of Holocaust Painting and Memorials in the Classroom.”
  • Professor Yaffa Eliach, Broeklundian Professor of Judaic Studies, Brooklyn College, New York, “On the Bridge between a Vanished Past and a Safe Future” and teacher workshop, Teaching the Holocaust.
  • Professor Antony Polonsky, Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Brandeis University, “The Jews of Poland.”
  • Mira Kimmelman, survivor and author, Oak Ridge, TN. “Revisiting my Town of Danzig with Günter Grass.”
  • Dr. Annette B. Fromm, Director of Education and Public Programs, Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami Beach, FL. “Teaching About Life in the Shtetl.”
  • Professor Karen Levy, Department of Modern Foreign Languages, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. “The Jews of/in Paris and the Twentieth Century: Microcosm of Fragmentation, Loss and Precarious Recovery.”
  • Albert Barry, Independent Film Producer, “The Last Wooden Synagogues in Eastern Europe.”
  • Morris Dees, Esq. Chief Trial Counsel and Chair of the Executive Committee, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL. “Voices of Hope and Tolerance in the New Millennium.”
  • Manny Steinfeld and Trudy Dreyer: “Revisiting German Jewish Communities – Personal Testimony.”
  • Dr. Leon Bass, Liberator and Educator, on “Racism, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust.”
  • Dr. Lisa Plante, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. “And You Shall Teach Your Children – Even in Secret.”

Panel discussion: “Remembering Our Lost Communities,” Professor Henry Fribourg, Art Pais, and Ernie Gross, Knoxville, TN.

Spring 1998

Israel Jubilee Celebration

Israel Jubilee Celebration
“1948-1998 – 50 Years of Cultural Diversity.”


  • Professor Lee Humphreys, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. “A God in the Process of Becoming.”
  • “An Evening with [Israeli author] Amos Oz” at Temple Beth El.

October 22-24, 1995

East Tennessee Holocaust Conference
“1945-1995: The Holocaust 50 Years Later–What Have We Learned?”


  • East Tennessee Holocaust Conference: “1945-1995 – The Holocaust 50 Years Later – What Have We Learned?” PamphletJoel Levy Logiudice, M.Ed., Curator of the Vanderbilt University Holocaust Art Collection, Nashville, TN, “An Overview of the Kadar Exhibition.”
  • Sybil Milton, Ph.D., Senior Historian, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington D.C., “Art and the Holocaust.”
  • Professor Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Associate Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. “Holocaust Denial: The Fragility of Memory and the Tenacity of Hatred.”
  • Beverly Asbury, Chaplain, Vanderbilt University, and Chairman, Tennessee Holocaust Commission, Nashville, TN. “After 50 Years: What We Have Learned, What We Must Teach.”
  • Professor Yaffa Eliach, Broeklundian Professor of Judaic Studies, Brooklyn College, New York. “Restoring My Vanished Town: The Tower of Life at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.”
  • Karen Shawn, Ph.D. Director of Holocaust Studies, Moriah School of Englewood and Yad Vashem Summer Seminar. “Using Film in Teaching the Holocaust.”
  • Leon Bass, Ph.D., Liberator and Educator. “Prejudice Reduction” and “Racism and Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust from the Perspective of an African American.”
  • Gerda Weissmann Klein, survivor and author. “The Humanity of the Victims.”
  • Laurie Wood, Klan Watch, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL. “Origins of the Klan, White Supremacy and Hate Crimes.”
  • Mira Kimmelman, survivor and author, Oak Ridge, TN. “The Lost Years.”
  • Professor Howard Pollion, Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. Guided closing session for students and teachers.



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