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Water Quality/ Water Resources - Dr. Schwartz

Hydraulic and Water Quality Laboratories





John Schwartz








Water Quality Laboratory



John S. Schwartz

63 Perkins Hall

Knoxville, TN 37996

(865) 974-2669


Water Quality Office

Keil J. Neff

Mei Cai

706 S.E.R.F.

Knoxville, TN 37996

(865) 974-8678

Science and Engineering Research Facility

Water samples are analyzed for pH, ANC, and conductivity using a

ManTech™ autotitrator. ANC is determined by gran titration.

Major anions sulfate, nitrate, and chloride; and cation ammonium

are measured using a Dionex™ ion chromatograph.


Cations and trace metals (Ca, Na, K, Mg, Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Si, Zn) are analyzed using

a Thermo- Electron™ inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometer.

Total organic carbon and total nitrogen are measured

using a Shimadzu TOC-V analyzer.