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Conner & Co.
June-July 2005

Conner & Co.
Jan.-May 2005

Overlys and Forsythes
Aug. - Dec. 2004

Conner Jackson Overly
Aug. - Oct. 2004

Conner Jackson Overly
First Two Months at Home

Conner Jackson Overly
July 15 + 16, 2004

2004 Family Get-together
June 26, 2004

Jonathan, Lisa + Baby
June 25, 2004

Bob's 80th Birthday
May 9, 2004

Choose Joy.

The Cat Confrontation

17 seconds is all it takes

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Conner and Mom... on 1st Birthday
That is clear water!   Christmas 2003 - We 7, including the littliest one!

I'm the one in the middle...   My China

(Imitation) Wright stained glass