A History of Coffey's General Store, Edgemont, and Mortimer from Some Old Newspaper Articles

These Articles are Copyrighted by the Newspaper and are Reprinted with Their Permission

Edgemont It Clung To Its Primeval Beauty By NANCY ALEXANDER, Reprinted from THE HILLTOPPER article  in the Charlotte Observer, July 14, 1966.  "Reprinted with permission from The Charlotte Observer.  Copyright owned by The Charlotte Observer." Reference:  "King Douglas, Sheilita" <skdougla@charlotteobserver.com>, August 6, 2002.

EDGEMONT General Store Center Of Mountain Town LifeStory and Photos by Bruce Henderson, Reprinted from Hickory Daily Record, Thursday, February 23, 1978, Section B, Page 1.  Used by Permission Reference:  MSteele@mediageneral.com, August 19, 2002.