History of Mortimer and Edgemont, N.C. 

Old Photographs and Images of Mortimer and Edgemont

The following pictures were scanned from a photo album belonging to Arnold Walker in the Walnut Bottoms Community near Mortimer.  Arnold and his wife Tommy Sue Walker (formerly Tommy Sue Bridges of Morganton) operate Walker's Country Store in Walnut Bottoms.  Walnut Bottoms was formerly known as Hutsboro.  Arnold has a keen interest in history and is quiet knowledgeable about the history of  Mortimer, Edgemont, and surrounding areas.   He enjoys talking to customers about the area and showing them his photo album.   He has more than we are able to show here.  He likes to point out the profile of a native american  formed by the lay of the land, creek, and trees in an aerial photograph of a sector containing Walnut Bottoms.   Arnold and Tommy Sue are members of Edgemont Baptist Church where they attend services regularly.  Edgemont Baptist Church was formed in 1914  and presently Tommy Sue serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the church and Arnold is a Trustee.

Walker01--Sidewinder Logging Train with Crew at Mortimer--Sidewinder drive underneath engine prevented brush from being caught in drive.
Walker02--CC Camp at Mortimer in 1939--Co. 403 C.C.C.
Walker03--Cotton Mill at Mortimer, NC 1923
Walker04--Old Ritter Lumber Company Band Mill at Mortimer ca 1937
Walker05--Photo of Clear Cut Timber near Edgemont, a major contributing factor to the severity of the 1940 flood
Walker06--Steam Loader
Walker07--Logging Train and Crew at Bandmill at Mortimer
Walker08--Mortimer, NC after 1916
Walker09--Garage Building at CC  Camp at Mortimer during flood August 13, 1940
Walker10--W. M. Ritter Lumber Co. Store at Mortimer--Carl Osborn "Carlie" Seated 3rd man from right (2nd seated)
Walker11-- W. M. Ritter Lumber Co. Store at Mortimer--Dressed man is Bill Mortimer
Walker12--Laurel Inn at Mortimer--President Theodore Roosevelt danced in ballroom
Walker13--Train No.1 Engine 150 Leaving Lenoir - Atlantic Coast coach next to engine. This coach was a special coach loaded with girls from Georgia going to a girls camp at Edgemont, NC about 1935 -- Picture from Claude Hailey Collection
Walker14--Last train to Edgemont at Edgemont June 1937 The only vestibule coach that the C&NW ever owned it was No. 505
Walker15--(Post) Clark Trestle Adako, NC--House on right is Maintenance Shack Tod Franklin lived otherside of trestle
Walker16--(Post) Clark Trestle Adako, NC--119 ft high, 485 feet long--Picture from Cecil Hailey Collection via Claude Hailey. Taken by A. G. Ford
Walker17--Crystal Pool Bridge after 1940 Flood Edgemont Hotel in Background
Walker18--Southside of Mortimer CCC Warehouse with the heavy equipment in flood water
Walker19--Mortimer CCC Warehouse & the Forest Service office with the 1940 flood waters were decreasing -- Truck was flooded with water.
Walker20--Edgemont Baptist Church 1940's--Old Man in front in suit with bible in left hand is the preacher--standing to his right is Archie Coffey.
Walker21--Dr. Tatum's wife owned 18 lots in Edgemont--Had horses and riding arena.  Their house in background was washed away by the 1940 flood and was located across the road from where Coffey's General Store is now located in Edgemont.