Pictures of Edgemont, North Carolina

Our Cabin in Edgemont #1
Our Cabin in Edgemont #2
Edgemont Baptist Church #1
Edgemont Baptist Church #2
Coffey's General Store Circa 1960
Archie Coffey Tending Store
Coffey's General Store Shelves of Stock
G. F. Coffey Advertising Sign
Swinging Bridge Across Wilson's Creek in Front of Coffey's General Store(Washed Out by Flood)
Archie Coffey with Mail at Post Office
Pen and Ink Drawing of Edgemont Hotel by Lucile S. Morgan
Pen and Ink Drawing of Coffey's General Store by Lucile S. Morgan
Train at Railway Station at Mortimer
Railway Trestle at Mortimer
Kay and Sarah at Wilson Creek