PGX3 European Theatre of Operations

Strategic Map. Black rectangle = view area.

Last updated August 6th, 2015 PGX3 (v760) 
(version 755 had a bug !)

New Map Editor with Derek Option (v570) 

Europe 1939 DYO
   621 x 590 hexes.
   30 Nations. France, Poland and England are at war with Germany.
   Nations start with 20 turns of production to purchase and place starting units.
Pacific 1941 DYO 
   2000 x 1320 hexes.
   No starting forces. 20 turns of production to purchase and place starting units.
Pacific 1941 Historical Setup
   Well, probably not 'historical' but pretty close ?
   There are 6 Japanese aircraft carriers North of Pearl Harbor ! 

   Map Editor v568
   Equipment File Editor v14 
   Politics File Editor v3
   New Konzev.bat file (for Deluxe Mod Equipment & Icon file below)

Equipment File Editor edits PGX equipment files.
(Old editor which will work with PG/AG files available. Send me an email.)
Map Editor only works with PGX maps.

 How to Install and Run PGX ! 
Copy PGX3.ZIP zip file to a folder.
Unzip it in that folder. (Make sure 'use folder names' or 'path names' is enabled.)
You might need the Visual Basic 6 Run-Time files installed to run the game.
Just check on the internet about 'how to run Visual Basic exe files'.
Make sure you get the correct version of run-time files for your operating system.
Here is a link to the VBRun60 page.
Link to Visual Basic run-time file installer.VBRun60 page at

 Deluxe Mod Equipment file & Icon File 
Updated Nov. 12, 2013
This equipment file comes with main zip file now. ( Konzev Folder )

 BRD's Brink of War  Equipment & Icon Files 
Last update Nov.  12, 2013. 
PGX v737 equipment file format.
These files are intended for the Brink of War Scenario. (Under Construction)
But they make a nice Alternative to the Standard E-Files for the World Map Scenario ! ( Also Under Construction)
Just un-zip this in the PGX folder. It will create a folder called BOWX.
Then type  eqp bowx  to install this mod.
BRD's Brink of War Equipment and Icon files. 


AGW Icon Files updated November 28, 2011 Huge Icon set with 20 Icons per row. Partial panzequp.eqp file. Icons from AGW New Icons from Bingo...including Catalog. These icons are included with the Konzev equipment pack. But this zip file contains some documentation, and catalog.

Map Tiles

Not enough Map Tiles yet ? Here is an extended version of the Map Tile Bitmaps for PGX. (These tiles are included with the Deluxe Mod Equipment file & Icon File Package ) Map Tiles v002 Theophrastus Bombastus's Pacific & Fantasy General Tile Set ! 2,160 tiles from Pacific and Fantasy General. Now with installation and usage readme.txt...sorry about forgetting it before ! Pacific / Fantasy General Tiles

World Map Project

Europe just is'nt big enough for you ? World Map v02 World Map Test v630 Updated Nov. 21, 2011. This scenario is now Barely playable ! The map is 3,200 x 1,400 hexes. 99 Countries. This version is just for Test Purposes. Hopefully we will get a better version up soon. Save games may not work with future versions, etc. Here it is ! World Map Individual Sectors Here are the single 200x200 map sectors that the World Map is created from. Before attempting to edit, or view these maps make sure the World Nations files are copied to the main PGX BMP and DATA files. (Documentation regarding the process of converting these sector maps into world maps is under construction.) (In other words, I have'nt documented that yet, but am working on it !) New World Map Individual Sectors (Updated 04-24-11) World Map v03 Here are the single 300x300 map sectors that the New World Map will be created from. Final map will be 5400 x 2700 hexes. Before attempting to edit, or view these maps make sure the World Nations files are copied to the main PGX BMP and DATA files.

More Stuff

Google Map API Google map without labels, or user interfaces. Google API Test Re-Sizeable Screen Version ? If you are interested in a copy of this, send me an email, and I'll get you one. PGX News and Updates. Last Entry November 22, 2011

Allied General Mods/Variants

Here are some original Allied General Mods, Tools.
Ancient or Midievil variant for Allied General 1.1 AG Ancients Variant
Napoleonic Variant AG Napoleonic Variant
Allied/Panzer General icon editor 4.1
Edit / Extract / Import / Flip (reverse) Icons in AG/PG .dat files.
There is no setup program for flip4.exe.
You must install the Visual Basic 6 run-time files to run this program.
Allied/Panzer General unit purchase slot editor.
Change which units may be purchased by the Nations.
(Thanks to Julo Simko for data on PG-Win. I will updata pgagnulp to include it soon.)

Visual Basic Source Files
Flip4: Icon Editor source files
PgAgNulp: Purchase slot editor source files

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