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You've found the course website for ECE 491.

Please browse through this website for important information pertinent to the course, which yields 3 credit hours and can be found using the registration number 43855. This website is intended for the Fall 2012 Section of this course. It will be updated regularly as needed.

Important Notes

  1. The final exam study guide can be accessed HERE. The zipped code below has also been updated.
  2. After you log onto a Hydra machine, use "which spim" or "where spim" to find the execution path of the software. The path should be "/user/bin/spim", which is a default path. So just type in "spim" to envoke the software.
  3. For example code (.zip format), click HERE. Please Note: This example code was updated with 'floatBits' and 'program.15' on 11/21/2012.
  4. As discussed in class, the optional takehome is available to those wanting it; send a request to vose AT It is due Thursday, Dec. 13, at the start of the in-class test. The format of what you turn in for the takehome is flexible; you can email a pdf file an atttachment or else hand [Dr. Vose] a hardcopy. The optional takehome does not exempt you from needing to take the in-class exam on Thursday Dec. 13, 12:30 - 2:30.


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Mojtaba Amirikamalabad

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Joe Bray

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