IT486 Fall 2008 Section 003

Stephanie Bales
Hi friends! My name is Stephanie Bales. I am from Maryville, Tennessee. I am a senior this year at UT majoring in Mathematics. I was recently accepted into the Secondary Education program last spring. I am really excited about finishing up my math classes. After this semester, I only have two classes left! Aside from school, I volunteer as a Young Life leader at Central High School. Go Bobcats! I also work about two days a week at a gift and stationery boutique in Maryville called Dandy Lions. I love it there! I am really looking forward to this year and can't wait to see what all is in store for me! 486 Tech Blog and Stephanie's Wiki
Jason Bane
I'm Jason Bane. I have been at this University for 4 years and this makes my 5th year. I am currently majoring in physics and minoring secondary education. I plan to teach high school physics and math. I am originally from a real small town, I graduated from a small high school with around 70 students in my class, and about 250 in the entire school. I am also football fan and I plan to become a high school football coach too. I would say I have a small knowledge of computers and programing. I can operate word, excl, and a few other office programs. I have also used some multimedia programs to create short movies and edit music. 486 Tech Blog and Jason's Wiki
Drew Brewer
My name is Drew Brewer. I am from middle Tennessee and a Smyrna High School '04 graduate. I am in my 5th year here at UT majoring in History and minoring in Secondary Education. I am also a member of the UT Swim Club. I have plans to hopefully teach at my old high school after completing the Teaching Program. This is my first college course dealing primarily with computers and I am very excited to learn. 486 Tech Blog
Jennifer Carr
My name is Jennifer Carr. I was born and raised in Kingsport, TN. I am a senior this year and my major is psychology with a minor in elementary education. I have been accepted into the Anderson County cohort. I will start my internship in the fall of 2009. 486 Tech Blog
Meghan Cox

Hello!!! My name is Meghan Cox. I grew up in Maryville, TN, about 30 minutes down Alcoa Highway. I graduated from Maryville High School in 2005. I am currently working on completing my degree in psychology and Elementary Education. I have been admitted into the teacher education program for Elementary Education and the Small City Schools Cohort. Therefore, beginning next fall, fall 2009, I will be interning in either Lenior City or Alcoa City schools.

For the past two years I have worked at GreenBank in Alcoa in the commercial lending department. I love my job and the people I work with but am very excited to begin my teaching career since teaching is what I have always had the desire to do. 486 Tech Blog and Meghan's Wiki

Laura Hensley

Hello, my name is Laura Hensley. I am originally from Lexington, KY and transferred to UT about two and a half years ago. My husband (of three years) and I moved here because of his job and we currently live in Maryville. I did most of my coursework at UK, but only a few classes transferred, so I basically started over in coming to UT. I am currently working towards my major in Psychology and minor in Elementary Education. I have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program and will do my internship in the Small School Systems (Alcoa/Lenior City). I am taking one Masters course this semester and will take the remaining three next summer and begin my internship in the fall of 2009.

My experience with technology is good. I can do basic tasks and most familiar and comfortable with Macs. We have both a desktop computer and a laptop at home that are Macs. 486 Tech Blog and Laura's Wiki

Kristin House

My name is Kristin House and I am from Nashville, TN. I graduated from M.L.K. jr. Academic Magnet in 2005 and have been working to get my degree in Early Childhood Education at UT ever since that fall. I completed a practicum my senior year of high school in an inner city elementary school and just completed an internship this summer at the ELC on campus. I would like to eventually work in an inner city school near my home in Nashville. I will graduate this May and then begin graduate work in the summer of 2009.

We got our first computer when I was eight, and all the training I have had is what I have been able to learn since then including: school, other skilled people in my life who have had experience with movie making/ editing, as well as word, excel, and power point. I am not an expert and am looking forward to learning more on these topics. 486 Tech Blog and Kristin's Wiki

Kevin Hurley
I'm Kevin Hurley and I'm in my fourth year majoring in Special Education. I have another couple of years to go before I graduate. I'm from Old Hickory, Tennessee just outside of Nashville and went to Mt. Juliet High School. After getting my masters in Special Ed I want to teach CDC in a high school. 486 Tech Blog and Kevin's Wiki
Kathleen Kain
Hi, my name is Kathleen Kain. I am from Hendersonville, Tn. I am a Senior in Psychology and Elementary Education. I have been admitted to the Urban/Multicultural schools program and will start my internship next fall 2009. The past two summers I have worked as an intern in the Childrens ministry at my local church. I am really looking forward to learning all that is needed to become a successful teacher. I like working with computers, but I know I still have much to learn. 486 Tech Blog and Kathleen's Wiki
Erin Kerr
My name is Erin Kerr, and I graduated from Maryville High School and UT in 2005 with a bachelor's in communications/journalism. I have worked the past few years in public relations -- both here and in Washington, DC. Recently, I moved back to Tennessee to pursue my elementary education (K-6) and a Master's. After a semester of pre-reqs I was admitted to the small schools cohort and will intern at either Alcoa Elementary or Lenoir City Elementary in Fall 2009. 486 Tech Blog and Erin's Wiki
Jennifer Lynn
Hello, my name is Jennifer Lynn and welcome to my efolio. I am from Tellico Plains, TN and have lived in East Tennessee all of my life. I have been married for just over a year and have a wonderful four-year-old stepson. I am currently a senior in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. I am also beginning my course work on a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. I work part time at the University of Tennessee’s Early Learning Centers. I have and am currently working with children ranging from ages 6 months to 5 years. I have done some volunteer work in Head Start as well as public Pre-K programs. I have decided to become a teacher because I enjoy helping others and working with people. Education is also an extremely important part of my life and I would like to share my love for it with others. Early childhood is my passion because I love working with young children and I feel the early years in education are the most important. I want to make a difference in the lives of young children and help them develop a strong foundation in education. I hope to teach in a public school in my home county after completing my degree. 486 Tech Blog and Jennifer's Wiki
Seth Maples
Hi, my name is Seth Maples. I am 20 years old and a native of Knoxville, TN. I am a junior at UT with a double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance. After college, I plan on being a music teacher in Knox County or in the East Tennessee area. I am currently engaged and am excited about getting married this Fall. As a music student, I have learned to complete assignments via music podcasts, and I enjoy communicating with teachers and learning through podcasting. 486 Tech Blog
Deborah Purdy
Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Deborah Purdy, and I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education. I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in the spring of 2009, and I will begin my field experience and Master's classes in the fall 2009. I do quite a bit of one-on-one tutoring in Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus. Also, I participated in Apple Core at Fulton High School in Knoxville, TN where I went one day a week for a semester to observe and teach. Why do I want to teach? I come from a family of teachers, and I have always wanted to follow in their footsteps. Also, I love to help people. Coupling my love of math with my desire to help, I decided teaching would fit me best. I am excited for the years ahead! 486 Tech Blog and Deborah's WIki
Melissa Rosloniec
My name is Melissa Rosloniec, and I am from Memphis, TN. I received my undergrad from Eastern Kentucky University where I played Division 1 golf for 4 years. I am currently in the Secondary Education program with an emphasis in English. During the summer I work as an assistant pro at a country club and run the junior golf program. 486 Tech Blog and Melissa's Wiki
Jonathan Smith
My name as the title indicates is Jonathan Smith. That's right "Jon Smith". I am working towards my Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Elementary Education. I am currently only lacking hours and the classes for my minor, so this semester, I am also taking some graduate classes as a senior to begin working towards my Master's in Elementary Education. I have been accepted into the rural schools program and plan on starting my internship in fall of 2009. I have always loved working with children and have always been good at helping people learn. I guess my mother being a teacher for 38 years could have had a little influence on me, but I am very excited to get my career started. 486 Tech Blog and Jonathan's Wiki
Will Smith
My name is Will Smith and I am originally from Cookeville, TN where I graduated from high school in 2004. At the University of Tennessee, I am majoring in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and a minor in psychology. I was admitted into the ECE program back in the spring and completed my senior practicum at the Golf Range Early Learning Center. I am also very active in many organizations on campus and in the community. On campus, I am involved in Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society where I served as Vice President for two years, Phi Kappa, Phi, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the CEHHS Dean's Student Advisory Board. I am also very active with the College and Children's ministries at my church. I plan on graduating in May 2009 and completing my internship and Masters degree in the school year of 2009-2010. 486 Tech Blog and Will's Wiki
Jenna Stec

Hi, my name is Jenna Stec and I am originally from New Jersey. I grew up in NJ my whole life just until last summer when my family moved to Atlanta, GA (I love the south!). I am currently a Senior majoring in Psychology minoring in Elementary Education. I have been admitted to the neighborhood schools program and will start my internship in the Knox County school district in the fall of 2009. I knew since I was 7 years old that I wanted to become an Elementary school teacher and I am so excited to start my teaching career.

The first question I usually seem to get is "how did you choose UT living in New Jersey?" I had been a cheerleader my whole life and was a big part of why I wanted to come down here to Tennessee. I was suppose to cheer here but at the last minute decided I just wanted to enjoy my 4 years of college and have fun. I also loved SEC football and knew I wanted a big school in the south. The education program here at UT was probably the first and most important reason why I decided I wanted to become a Volunteer! 486 Tech Blog and Jenna's Wiki

Grace Stowers
My name is Grace Stowers. I am a Senior in Psychology getting a minor in Elementary Education. I am from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Christ Presbyterian Academy in 2005. I have been admitted to the neighborhood schools program and I will start my internship in Fall 2010. 486 Tech Blog and Grace's Wiki
Anne-Elise Taylor
Hi, my name is Anne-Elise Taylor, and I'm from Memphis, TN. I graduated from White Station High School in 2006 and am currently working on a degree in social work with a minor in elementary education. I am in the urban and multicultural studies program and will begin my internship in the fall of 2011. Two summers ago I was the coordinator for the first grade education program at Immaculate Conception school, and I spent this past summer doing urban home repairs in Binghampton (an area of Memphis). I am really excited to teach and hope to work in an urban area like Binghampton. 486 Tech Blog and Anne-Elise's WIki
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