Welcome to our Kinderpad!

This is the view from the door. Come on in!

I have 2 magnetic strips with paper frog cutouts with each child's name on them. I added magnetic tape to the back of each frog. When the kids come in, they find their name, and put it in a basket. That is how I take attendance. Each six weeks, I change the frogs' information (first name, last name, birthday, address, phone number).

This is the Pond Rug that I made from an inexpensive white canvas at Lowe's. I painted it blue and then went over the blue with 20 painted green lily pads. Then, my husband cut it the size I wanted it, and I took it to a rug binding place to have the edges bound. I have used it for three years now, and I LOVE it! I designate a lily pad for each student and there is not arguing over who gets to sit where.

This is my Calendar and Math teaching wall.

This is my Language Arts teaching wall. I brought in our old entertainment shelf, added new door knobs, and made an awesome big book holder and shelf for my CD player, CD's, and a lamp, On this wall, I put my popcorn words, weekly poem, and skills for the week.

This is where I store all my work for the week. It is actually a child's clothing organizer that I bought online from Target.

This is my Crafty Critters (student jobs) apron. I didn't want to use the same old job names like line leader, door holder, etc. So, I created my own. I bought the apron at Walmart and painted it. I use bug die cuts with the kids' names on it. Each pocket on the apron has a clothespin where I attach the kids' bugs each day. The jobs are...

Bossy Beetle-Line Leader; Morning Moth-weather & calendar; Litter Bug - trash collector; Leaf Hopper - door holder;

Fruit Fly - snack helper; Lightning Bug - lights; Busy Bee - messenger

This is my classroom book collection. I labeled the front of each basket alphabetically. Then, I organized the books by theme and then alphabetized the themes.

This is my desk. It is an old banker's desk and it is huge! I love it because I have room for everything!

Construction Junction

The Dollhouse

Creation station


White Board

Jitterbug Cafe

Story Garden


Line up at the door, its time to go home!