Welcome to the Infant Perception-Action Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville! The Director of the lab is Daniela Corbetta, Ph.D.

Infants discover and learn about the world by perceiving and acting on it.  Our research seeks to understand:  

·  how infants learn to control their bodies, their movements, and actions to interact successfully with the world;

·  how they use perceptual information (vision and/or touch) to plan and organize their actions on the world;

· how the emergence of fundamental skills such as reaching, sitting, crawling, and walking in the 1st year of life can reorganize existing patterns of action. Indeed, each new skill can provide new means to achieve new goals and will allow the child to interact in new ways with the world.  

You can learn more about our research by browsing our publication page or by reading brief synopses of our completed research projects. If you are a parent and you are interested in participating in a study with your infant, you can complete our web participation form, e-mail to infntlab@utk.edu, or call (865) 974-6060 to request more information!