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Universität der Künste Berlin Gallery Exhibitions
Exhibition Contact: Kilian Seyfred

In the large north hall UdK Print workshops will set up presentations of student work from the four different studios.

Sarah Bodman (UK) Pedistal for the "Bookmarks Project"

Katarzyna Cepek and Emily Wilson (USA) "On the Edge" International Exchange Portfolio, 21 11 x 14 inch prints. (9 meters)

Ruthann Godollei (USA) "We're Not From Here: Emigrés, Aliens and Utopians" International Exchange Portfolio, Twelve 18 x 14" prints   (9 meters)

David Ferry, (UK) "Faces from History" 20 litho/collages computer generated from original photomontage and printed lithographically (12 meters)Tabor Presse (Germany)
Saal-Presse Bergsdorf (Germany)

Beverly Samler and Lisa Van Wyk
(RSA) “Proud Survivors: Through Adversity – The Legacy of African Woman” The work consists of five large panels measuring 1300mm x 700mm each.  These five panels will be in the form of a large-scale print/collage on fabric, which encompasses several printmaking techniques.  There will be adjoining panels of the same size; comprising mainly of collaged hand prints and signatures collected on field trips into the community.  The handprints will also be used in the final five-panel artwork that will stand as a monument for all woman and survivors.  Thus the number of panels is not yet finalized as the campaign continues to escalate.   (30 meters) Funding support already obtained. (15 meters) These panels can be hung from wires above center columns.

Mirta Kupferminc
, (Argentina) “Exiles”, large etchings and collaborative video animation done with Mariana Sosnowski (14 meters)

Ulrike Stoltz
(Germany/Poland) "Lady Mikado" is an interdisciplinary project. Starting point was a text by Ulrike Stoltz, that turned into an artists book and is also the background of a portfolio of typographical prints. At the same time, the text inspired a Polish video artist, Grzegorz Zgraja, to do a video, that was in turn the the starting point for a piece of improvised music (performing musicians: Ulrike Stoltz, Grzegorz Zgraja, Henryk Roemisch, Ulryk Zgraja).book, prints, video (14 meters) 35 minute perfomance with three others. done form 19:00-19:30 in Tuesday.

Mary Robinson
(USA) "Emissions" Portfolio (8 meters)

Special Table at UdK for Gerten Goldbeck (Germany) to present and promote the "Printmaking Network" electronic newsletter (1 table)

John Hitchcock and Keith Christensen (USA) Exchange Portfolio: "Cultural Transport / Moving Targets Project"
Hallway leading from gallery to print workshops

Table presentations in the Morning:

Carl Rowe (UK) Display of our portfolios produced to date (Currency, Talk, DIY and Love/Hate) with students at the Norwich School of Art and Design. The boxes are 35cm X 25cm in size and hold on average fifteen prints.  (8 meters of tables)

Marina Mangubi (USA) ‘Music for the Bones” “Music on the Bones”, a portfolio of prints based on the story about recordings of Western music that were pressed on discarded X-rays, in Eastern Europe in the wake of WWII.

Christa Wolf (USA-Germany) "Selections from, a community-based print workshop in Ithaca, New York.

Table Presentations in the Afternoon:

April Volmer, Eva Pietzker and others
(USA, Poland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Germany) Portfolio showing of “Japanese Water-Based Woodblock Prints by Artists from the Nagasawa Art Park Program” Prints by this group of artists will be on display in the afternoon as a continuation of their morning panel session. (8 meters of tables)

Anna Chelmiñska
, (Poland) Portfolio of the artists work using non-toxic intaglio methods (8 meters of tables)

Raymond Henshaw, Belfast Print Workshop
"Prints from the Belfast Print Workshop"