Eugeniusz Skorwider
Academy of Fine Arts
Al. Marcinkowskiego  29,
60-967 Poznan, Poland

Paper:  "The Poster in the Modern World"

In this lecture I will present my own posters, and offer my thoughts about the poster as form of graphic expression. I am interested in the poster as a response or reaction; whether it is to terrorism, commercialism, environmental issues, poverty or ignorance. As a public and graphic print medium, the poster has potential to quickly and efficiently create meaning for the viewer. In my experience, poster-work requires a special way of thinking, emphasizing a synthesis of image and text, and the power of simple, strong graphic forms.

EUGENIUSZ SKORWIDER obtained his diploma in 1981 in the studio of professor Waldemar Swierzy. From 1983 to 1997 he was Swierzy's assistant. Currently he is a professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan, where he leads the poster studio. During that time he had a series of lectures and presentations at Dutch academies (Breda, Utrecht, Groningen, Den Bosch 1990, 1991) as well as outdoor classes with polish students in Paderborn (1997 Germany). He also conducted classes at the Summer University in Paderborn (1998, 2002). He deals with design graphics, mostly posters. Skorwider takes part in competitions and poster presentations worldwide. He is 50 years old.