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Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement (ESM)
PhD or Certification


The ESM PhD specialization combines elements of theory, methods, and hands-on applications to provide students with relevant knowledge, skills, and dispositions for engaging in research, teaching, and/or the practice of evaluation, statistics, or measurement.

This Ph.D. concentration is designed to (a) provide students with skills to function as esteemed professionals upon graduation, (b) generate scholarship that is relevant to and appreciated by scholars external the the University of Tennessee who work in areas of evaluation, applied statistics, and measurement, and (c) achieve a reputation nationally and internationally, as the preferred place where highly qualified evaluation, statistics, and measurement students and faculty members want to study and work.

Our student-centered, hands-on program’s (@15-20 students total) greatest strength is the one-on-one mentorship that each student receives from program faculty throughout the course of their graduate career. Another strength of this hand-on program is the applied evaluation and research experience students receive working on numerous local and national evaluation projects as part of a team with faculty and other ESM students.

Upon completion of the doctoral program, students will have gained: a) knowledge of foundational evaluation, statistics, and measurement concepts, theories, and models; b) competency with research designs that include and integrate experimental, quasi-experimental, and mixed method approaches; c) hands-on experience in the application of evaluation, research, and methodologies to contemporary educational and social problems; and d) experiences in applying evaluation, statistical and measurement skills and competencies in diverse social and organizational settings.

ESM Certification

An 18-hour Graduate Certificate in Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement is offered to current doctoral students (or individuals who have already earned a doctoral degree) admitted to the University of Tennessee wishing to develop basic knowledge and applied skills in evaluation, statistics, and measurement.


For more information about this program, contact one of its faculty members by clicking on their name:

Sky Huck
Jennifer Ann Morrow
Gary J. Skolits

As a prospective graduate student, you can find out more information about this program, other doctoral programs offered by the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department as well as through the University of Tennessee's Graduate School.