...And how my Schnauzer fits in...

The origin of the Schnauzer was in Germany, and it is reported that there are pictures of the
Schnauzer dating back to the fifteenth century.
...probably so, everytime there is a camera around, Skeeter is in front of it...

It is believed that today's schnauzer was derived from the crossing the black poodle, wolf gray
spitz, and the Old German Pinscher dogs, and originally the schnauzer was a black and tan or
fawn colored dog.
...watching Skeeter nap I am convinced that they threw some sloth in there...

The Schnauzer is stocky built, has a harsh, wiry coat with wiry whiskers. Their primary colors
today is the salt and pepper this is a mixing of the light and dark banded hairs, and today we can
get solid blacks, black and tan, and solid whites, and occasionally a silver.
...hmmm, stocky built. Skeeter passed stocky 5 pounds ago...

To begin with the Schnauzer was a yard and stable dog, and a rodent eradicator, but due to the
size the schnauzer is unable to go to ground after small animals.
...Skeeter is definitely a yard dog, but the only thing he eradicates is Alpo...

It is believed that they are wholly in relationship in blood and origin as the British terrier. The
temperament is that of a terrier and is classed as a terrier in the United States, but in Germany
and England they are not considered terriers.
...In Tennesse, they are considered one of the family...

To get the miniature size the medium Schnauzer was used to cross into the Affenpinschers, and
this is a small German breed that is black in color. The crossing of the two breeds is not registerable, but due to the
cross their temperament has mellowed and they are not as aggressive as their predecessors.
...Mine must have gotten crossed with a Mellowpinscher...

Records show that they were showed in the show ring as early as 1899.
...Skeeter will put on a show at the drop of a hat (or a dog-treat)

The Miniature Schnauzer is hardy, active, intelligent, likes children, and are good ratters. The
Miniature Schnauzer is happy in an apartment or out in the country. The Miniature Schnauzer is
not a fighter but will stand up for himself if necessary, and they do not tend to wander from home.
...Skeeter runs off to explore any time he finds a way out...

The Miniature Schnauzer should be twelve (12) inches tall for females and the males should be a
little bit taller-up to fourteen (14) inches. They have not established a weight standard, but rule of
thumb says that a female should weigh twelve (12) pounds and a male should be around fifteen
(15) pounds. Heavy boned Miniature Schnauzers will increase their weight faster, and the finer
boned, leggy dogs tend to be lighter in weight but are less desirable for the show
...15 pounds? That was a lot of Alpo ago...

Toady's Miniature Schnauzers should be almost square in shape. The chest should be moderately
broad, a straight, strong back, with well muscled things, and the head should be of good length.
The coat color is salt and pepper, black and silver, solid black, and now there are even some white
Miniature Schnauzers, as well as silver. The coat is coarse, and fairly thick. The ears are cropped
in the United States, but in England they do not tamper with the ears. American Kennel Club as
well as the other dog registries does recognize both cropped and uncropped in the show ring. Their
tails are docked and should not be longer than one (1) inch in length.
...Skeeter's tail is docked, but I couldn't bear cropping his big, floppy ears...

The Miniature Schnauzer requires regular grooming, and it takes a skilled groomer to give the
proper cut on the Schnauzer.
...A skilled groomer with a LOT of dog-treats...

Miniature Schnauzers are considered to be one of the elegant breeds of the terriers. The breeds
instincts are more that of a doormat than its ancestors, and today not many people use the
Miniature Schnauzer for going to ground.
...Doormat sounds about right...flat on the floor in the way...

Today the Miniature Schnauzer is considered to be one of the most popular companion dogs as
they are very stylish and friendly dogs, and their temperament should never be overly aggressive
or extra timid.
...I have to say that out of all the different breeds of dogs that I have had contact with, the Miniature Schnauzer is my absolute favorite...

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