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Globalization, Critique, and Social Theory: Navigating the Divide between Theory and Practice
13th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, May 15-17, 2014

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Friday, May 16, 2014


Crombez, Joel
Digital Ontotheology: The Rise of Big Data and Deep Archive

Ellison, Scott & Benjamin Allen
Cyber-libertarians, Labor Markets, & Education Reform: Three Vignettes from the Global Knowledge Economy

Toews, David
The Separation of Social Life and Political Life: Lessons of the Digital Age

Feldt, Alex
Climate Norms, the Problem of Non-Compliant States, and Limiting Sovereignty

Hutchinson, Richard
Cracking the Ecocide Project

Stoner, Alex
Critique of/in the Anthropocene (with Andony Melathopoulos)

Buzby, Amy
Fetishizing the Primitive: A Marxian Criticism of the Paleo Movement

Raupach, Christian
Mind the gap! What we can learn from Adorno’s hesitance to cross the divide between Critical Theory and Practice

Halton, Eugene
John Stuart Stuart-Glennie’s Original Theory of the “Axial Age” 75 Years Before Jaspers


Situating the Green Economy within the Sustainable Development Discourse: Opportunities and Challenges

Leebrick, Rhiannon
The Continued Commodification of Rural Appalachia: A Critical Ethnography of the Agritourism Boom

Soper, Rachel
Strategic Environmentalism and Communal Exploitation: Divergent Development of Broccoli & Quinoa Export Farmers


Postone, Moishe
The Adequacy of Critical Theory Today: Rethinking the Critique of Capitalism and its Futures


Turner, Stephen
Against Democratic Theory

Butler, Nalani & Lars Dzikus
“If you want to [play abroad] make sure it’s what you want to do”: Global sport migration & leisure constraints theory

An assessment of the Global Sports Mentoring Program using physical feminist and postcolonial theories

Dzikus, Lars & Butler, Nalani
American football in Europe: Globalization and Americanization theories revisited

Brown, Michelle
Mass Incarceration, Social Death, and the Politics of Protest

Presser, Lois
A Tale to Tell: Where Narrative Theory and Criminology Meet

Schlosser, Jennifer
Critical Criminology: Insights through Subjectivity

Friday, May 16, 2014

Harrison, Daniel
The Sage Victorians: Wilde, Lawrence, and Huxley and Classical Social Theory

Trophies of Surplus Enjoyment

Smith, Jeremy
A Durkheimian Approach to Understanding Gangs

Borlu, Yetkin
The Creation of Consent under Post-Fordist Regime: The Case of Industrial Maize Farming in Turkey

Gellert, Paul
New Frontiers of Global Accumulation: Palm Oil Expansion, State(s) of Engagement and Complexities in Indonesia

A Metabolic Rift in the US High Plains: The Dust Bowl and Its Legacy

Jung, Courtney
Critical Theory as Practice

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jones, Clint
Identity Politics in the Global Village: Voluntary Simplicity in an Age of Global Climate Shift

Kadakal, Reha
Truth, Theory and Critique: Toward a Critical Ontology of the Social

Rivera, Jorge Andrés López
Institutions for emancipation? Considerations on the ontology of social institutions and its emancipatory potential

Erlenbusch, Verena
Of Pirates, Monsters, and Terrorists, Or: Why There Is No Unpolitical Enemy

Kao, Pascal Kuokuei
Critique with Horror and Pleasure: Michel Houellebecq’s Art of Love Making

Meeks, John/Meeks, Jacob I.
Jetztzeit: Zombies, or, Suppurations of Dystopian Narrative

Hauman, Nicholas
The Interpenetration of Human Psychic and Social Systems

Sakin, Erin
Orientalist Discourse, Development and the Role of Religion in the Arab Spring

von Gunter, Sean Cary
Society, Heal Thy Self: Infinite Resources Through Direct Regenerative Economic & Citizen Action

Willson, Shane
Applying the Political Process Model to the US Conservative Resurgence


Flynn, Matthew
Theoretical Underpinnings of Pharmaceutical Autonomy

Lemos, Andrés Ortiz
The disciplining of Civil Society as core element of the public sphere, in the Rafael Correa Government

Li, Xue & A. Hicks
World Polity Theory and Time Dependence: Another Look at the Global Rise of the Nation-State

Christian, Michelle
Racial neoliberal tourism landscapes: transnational economic networks & beach land conservation in Costa Rica

Rowland, Aaron
Latin American Neoliberal State: Model for Understanding Structural Capacities & Strategic Biases on Left Turns

Kalani, Suman/Dipesh Suvarna
Utopia or Dystopia: Changing Face of Indian Democratic Politics through institutional internalisation

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bakker, J. I. (Hans)
Kissinger's Academic Errors: China, East, Southeast and Southwest Asia

Bradford, John
Monetary Reforms, Revolutions, and Utopias: A Critical Analysis of New Money Paradigms

Worrel, Mark P.
Empire’s Homunculi: Speculative Singularities of American Hegemony-Drones, Suicide Bombers, & Rampage Killers


De la Torre, Carlos
The people and populism: between authoritarianism and democratization

Jalata, Asafa
The Limit of Social Theory and Indigenous Critiques of Globalization

Closing Discussion



13th Annual Conference
International Social Theory Consortium (ISTC)


Inaugural Conference of the Committee on Social Theory
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

May 15 - 17, 2014



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