The "Dead Germans" Project

A number of years ago at an ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Educators) meeting, Prof. Sydney Pierce asserted that one of the factors leading to the incoherence and fragmentation of the information sciences was the lack of "dead Germans" - that is, a set of significant theoreticians that provided the intellectual foundations of the field. In sociology, one studies Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. She asserted that we simply were missing these foundational characters and their ideas. My rejoinder to this assertion is that we don't know who our "dead Germans" are, and what they contribute to the information sciences, and that we don't have this information readily accessible. This project brings together biographies of significant individuals - some live, some dead - some German, some not - that do provide the theoretical and practical base of the information sciences.

Most of these biographies were created as various course projects by students in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville: contributions in text or links are welcomed.

Contributions from LIS students at UTK using any WYSYWIG word processor or editor (Composer, Front Page, DreamWeaver, MS Word), are unacceptable and will not be added to the site. The point of the exercise is to demonstrate that you know basic coding and FTP skills. Let me be clear about this: if you do not hand-code your site, it will not be accepted. It will not count for your grade.


  Alexander the Great, by Michelle Bowman (F00)
Alexander the Great, by Hillery Griffin *
  Ashurbanipal, by Jane Davis *
  Ashurbanipal, by Dara Ballard (F00)
  King Ashurbanipal, by Sheila Mincey
  King Assurbanipal, by Daniel Jones (S04)
  Callimachus, by Brittany Hedrich (F00)
  Demetrius of Phalerum, by Melanie Chastain (F00)
  Demetrius of Phalerum, by Lizz Sims (S04)
  Hypatia, by Susan Stovall
  Ptolemy I of Egypt, by James Kidder (S01)
  Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, by Beth W. Blanton-Kent
Septima Zenobia, by Deborah Powell *
  Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, by Pam Edwards (S03)

Pre-19th Century

Sir Thomas Bodley, by Margaret Brown (F04)
Casanova, by Leanne Bostwick (F04)
Casanova, by Sandra Marcus (F00)
  Casanova, by Karen Whitehead
Giacomo Casanova, by Brian Kinkead *
  Denis Diderot, by Emma Tatem *
Benjamin Franklin, Christa Owen
Benjamin Franklin, by Beth Ponder (S03)
Benjamin Franklin, by Allison Andrews (S04)
Benjamin Franklin, by Katie Derrick (F04)
Benjamin Franklin, by Courtney McGough (F04)
Benjamin Franklin, by Susan Jennings (F04)
Benjamin Franklin, by Meghan Miller (F04)
Benjamin Franklin, by Gwen McKinney (F04)
  Jacob Grimm, by Louis Morgan *
  The Librarians Grimm, by Chris Ryland *
  Johann Gutenberg, by Andi Damewood
  Johann Gutenberg, by Lisa Sipes *
  Johannes Gutenberg, by Yanina Zinchenko *
  Johannes Gutenberg, by Lorraine Burrows (S03)
  Johannes Gutenberg, by Chuck Josvanger (S04)
  Johannes Gutenberg, by Rebecca Brock (F04)
  Johannes Gutenberg, by Suzanne Sherman (F04)
  Johann Gutenberg, by Sandy Davies (F00)
  Johann Gutenberg, by Scott Rice (F00)
  Aldus Manutius, by Julie Jennings *
  Aldus Manutius, by Lissa Gay (S03)
  Aldus Manutius, by Blaine Danielson (S03)
  Aldus Manutius, by Allison DeFriese (S04)
  Aldus Manutius, by Beth Stanley (F04)
Gabriel Naudé, by Jaye Lahlou
Thomas Jefferson, Robyn Williams
  Thomas Jefferson, by Lisa Johnson (F04)
Samual Johnson, Margaret Goodbody
Aldus Manutius, Palmer Dantzler
Gabriel Naudé, by Candace Polsgrove
  John Newbery, by Cheryl McClure (F00)
  Peter the Great, by Lenore Reda (F00)
  Pope Nicholas V, by Lee Gunter *
  Saint Jerome, by Kathryn MacDonald (F00)
Sequoyah, by Doug Brooks *
Pope Nicholas V, by Riley Altizer
  Two Saintly Librarians, by Jessica L. West *

19th Century

  Mary Ellinor Lucy Archer, by AimÈe Leverette (S03)
  Louis-Hector Berlioz, by Katie Gohn (F00)
  John Shaw Billings, by Keri-Lynn Paulson (F00)
  John Shaw Billings, by Cathy Jill Brown
  John Shaw Billings, Jamie Payne (F04)
  R. R. Bowker, Jerianne Thompson (F04)
  Andrew Carnegie, by Erin Smith *
Vannevar Bush, Sammy Chapman
  Charles Ami Cutter, Bonnie Hanks
  Charles Ami Cutter, Elizabeth Bowker (F00)
  Charles Ami Cutter, Katie Huddleston (F00)
  Charles Ami Cutter, David Pharris (S03)
  Charles Ami Cutter, Jason Reiger (S03)
  Charles Ami Cutter, by Melanie Gnass (S04)
  Charles Ami Cutter, by Susan Wolford (F04)
John Cotton Dana, by Keith Poveda
John Cotton Dana, by Shannon Cole *
John Cotton Dana, by Michelle Donnelly (S03)
  Melvil Dewey, by Amy Bush *
  Melvil Dewey, by Cindy Hughes *
  Melvil Dewey, by Traci Magee *
  Melvil Dewey, by Donna Gobbell (S03)
  Melvil Dewey, by Cindy Hughes *
  Melvil Dewey, by Christopher Dykes (S04)
  Melvil Dewey, by Kristen Patschke (F00)
  Samuel Swett Green, by Elizabeth Smith *
  Adelaide Hasse, by Kevin Reynolds (F04)
  Adelaide Hasse, by Jenny Horton (F04)
  Herman Hollerith, by Jennifer Duke-Sylvester *
  Henry Huntington, by Tish Hemeter *
  Charles Coffin Jewett, by Stephanie DeClue (F00)
  Thomas Jefferson, by Gene Hyde (F00)
  Ludwig Ritter von Kochel, by Jenny Townsend (F04)
  Frederick Leypoldt, by Kate Johnston
  Sir James Augustus Henry Murray, by Cris Ferguson *
  Sir Anthony (Antonio) Panizzi, by Debby Andreadis *
  Mary Wright Plummer, by Melissa Byrd (S01)
William F. Poole, by Jacqueline Kracker *
Lawrence Clark Powell, by Wendy Cornelisen (F04)
  S. R. Ranganathan, by Margaret Pruiett *
  S. R. Ranganathan, by Anne Driscoll (F00)
S. R. Ranganathan, by Nancy Thomas (F04)
  Ferdinand de Saussure, by Ameet Doshi (S03)
  Minnie Earl Sears, by Pat Thompson *
  Sequoyah, by Denise Watson (S01)
Ainsworth Rand Spofford, by Sungsoo Lee *
A. A. Schomburg, by Jim Toplon
Mary Lemist Titcomb, Debbie Shannon

20th Century

  Mary Ellinor Lucy Archer, by Belinda Pala (S03)
  John Ashcroft, by Rachel Kirkland (F04)
  Lester Asheim, by Belinda Pala (F00)
  Lester Asheim, by Duk-Ran Park (S04)
  Henriette Avram, by Emily Urban (F00)
  R. Paul Bartolini, by Mary Bartolini (S03)
  Henriette Avram, by Alison Bentley (F04)
  Augusta Baker, by Susie Pitts (F00)
Bernard Berelson, by Jennifer Bownas *
  Henry Evelyn Bliss, by Ed Poston (F00)
  Margaret Wise Brown, by Dona M. Clements (F00)
  Lee Pierce Butler, by Kathy Hipps (F04)
  Vannevar Bush, by Sharon Orr (F00)
  Vannevar Bush, by Amy Ferrara (S04)
  Vannevar Bush, by Pete Hill (S01)
Vinton Cerf, by Elaine Keener
Frances Neel Cheney, Magdalena Buchowski
  Verner Clapp, by Susan Timmons (F04)
  Beverly Cleary, by Glenna Gregory (F04)
  Dr. Enrico Coiera, by Markus Shipley *
  Madeline L'Engle, by Julie Danielson (F00)
  Umberto Eco, by Michael Lindsay (F00)
  Madeline l'Engle, by Anna Joujan (F04)
Luther Harris Evans, by Victoria Wangia
  Luther Evans, by Soochan Shin *
  Dr. Elisabeth Veleria Atkins Gleason, by Anthony Smith *
  Charles R. Hildreth, by Lisa Travis *
  Felicia Harris Hoehne, by Chris Durman (S00)
  J Edgar Hoover, by Rachel Kirk (F00)
  J Edgar Hoover, by Waylon Marcum (S04)
  Robert Korfhage, by Teresa Braden *
  Krupskaya, by Deborah Ketchersid (F00)
  Krupskaya, by Kelly Houck (F00)
  Philip Larkin, by Kelly Houck (F04)
  J. C. R. Licklider, by Kristen Boshears (S04)
  Flora Bell Ludington, by Lynn Landry (S01)
  Hans Peter Luhn, by Janet Gantt *
  Helen MacInnes, by Lori Warren (F00)
  Margaret Mann by Karin Papenhausen *
  Margaret Mann by Rhonda Yates (F00)
  Mao Tse-Tung, by Lizzie McSween *
  Mao Tse-Tung, by Sumarni (S04)
  Mao Zedong, by Sandy Kirchner (F00)
  Robert Sidney Martin, by Robert Martin (S04)
  Archibald McLeish, by Jianxin (Jack) Huang
  Archibald McLeish, by Brian Wang
  Marshall McLuhan, by Julie Loder (F00)
  Carl Hastings Milam, by Leslie Olds (F00)
  Bertha Mahoney Miller, by Jennifer Seals *
  Calvin Mooers, by Alice Lawrence (F04)
  Anne Carroll Moore, by Ann Rox (F00)
  Isadore Gilbert Mudge, by Sara Lingerfelt (S03)
  Ursula Nordstrom, by Alice Shoo (F00)
  Paul-Marie-Ghislain Otlet, by Libby Sherrill (S03)
  Miranda Lee Pao, by Arlene Cherry (S03)
  Pope Pius XI, by Laura Holton (F04)
  Herbert Putnam, by Denice Herbert (F00)
  Lou Rosenfeld, by Cynthia Hart (F00)
Lawrence Clark Powell, by Teddy Gray *
  Herbert Putnam, by Jodie Gambill (F04)
  Fremont Rider, by Amy Self (S04)
  Claude Shannon, by Brandy Bivins (F04)
Claude Shannon, by Kyle Langley *
  Jesse Hauk Shera, by Jill Grogg *
  Jesse Hauk Shera, by Felix Kwan (S01)
  Jesse Shera, by Craig Smith *
  Jesse Hauk Shera, by Judy Carol Bell (S03)
John Postel, Audrey Williams
  Herbert Putnam, by Joanna Holcombe
  Sue Rugge, by Barbara Suttles (S03)
  Clifford Stoll, by Ashley McConnell (F04)
  Mortimer Taube, by Jamen McGranahan (F00)
  Edward Christopher Williams, by Hui Sun *
  Louis Round Wilson, by Amy Self (S04)
  Tung-li Yuan, by Hui Sun *
An asterisk (*) indicates those projects undertaken when Dr. George Hoemann taught the class.

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