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Velmex Measuring Systems

Velmex, Inc. is the company that makes and distributes the linear-encoder measurement stages and displays that are very popular with the dendrochronological community, especially in the United States. The company also distributes the Accu-Rite displays and all other hardware components needed for tree-ring measurement. To find out more, contact them at their e-mail address, available below or from their Web page. (I highly recommend purchasing this system.) They can be reached at:

Velmex, Inc.
7550 State Route 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469, USA
Phone: 800-642-6446 or 585-657-6151
Fax: 585-657-6153

The full system consists of the Unislide stage assembly with 0.001 mm linear encoder, Velmex VRO Encoder Readout , and TAB2 remote button with 2 m connecting cable. The stage comes in various sizes from 3 in (ca. 7 cm) to 24 in (61 cm) travel. A side-mounted hand crank eliminates the need for transfer gears as the Unislide assembly uses a lead screw.

For a price comparison, let's build a measurement system that would be considered high-end (prices correct as of August 2016):

Part Description and Price (US$)
TA 4030H1-S6 Unislide with 24" (61 cm) travel: $1,144
ENCINDL1-24 Encoder: $903
VRO Digital Readout for Encoder: $662
TAB2 remote button with cable: $79
Total (excludes shipping and insurance): $2,788


Full information about the TA Measuring system and order forms can be obtained from the Velmex brochure available for download and printing. The recommended measuring software created to be compatible with the Velmex system is MeasureJ2X.

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