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Facilities of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Science

Measurement Facility, Room 413 SERF

The laboratory is very fortunate to have Room 413 SERF, which serves as our primary lab room. Located on the fourth floor overlooking the Tennessee River, this many-windowed, well-lit room contains our WinDendro scanner-based measurement system, four Velmex measuring systems (one video-based system), many Dendrochronology workstations, integrated wireless laser printers, and tons of stereozoom boom-arm microscopes with light sources. This room also contains numerous file cabinets, drawers, and shelving, and contains numerous work desks for students and visitors.

A production crew from the Discovery Channel prepares to film for a documentary about our lab's participation in helping solve a homicide case in Collin County, Texas.

Ruby Munoz (left, former undergraduate lab assistant and the department's Outstanding Senior in 2009) and Lisa LaForest (right, former Ph.D. student) demonstrate lab techniques for the Discovery Channel film production crew.

Wood Preparation Facilities, Rooms 207C and 207F SERF

We are fortunate to have a conveniently-located, well-stocked wood preparation facilities on the 2nd floor and back loading dock to the Science and Engineering Facility. The rooms were custom-designed to maximize the amount of equipment in small, yet environmentally safe rooms. We have sophisticated dust collection (floor-mounted) and dust filtration (ceiling mounted) systems to ensure safety and good health. The room has all the equipment and tools one would need for dendrochronology, including a spacious pegboard sanding table. In addition, the room has a fire-proof cabinet for containing all the petrochemicals used in our fieldwork. Yes, we can and have used the hydraulic lifting ramp on the loading dock!

We also have a storage room, SERF 228, for storing most of our field equipment. We have a full complement of increment borers (about 4100 at last count), dbh tapes (in all sizes), GPS units, two-way field radios, sanding supplies, dissecting needles, pack frames, and more.

We're very proud of our wood shop! It literally contains everything we need to efficiently process the hundreds (perhaps thousands of wood samples we collect from our many projects each year!

Wood Archive Facility, Room 322 SSH

Rounding out our laboratory is the room where we archive our wood samples. This room is located inside South Stadium Hall. This multipurpose room contains all samples for projects that have been completed. We have recently outfitted this room with over $2000 worth of heavy-duty industrial shelving to replace the old metal cabinets.

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