Limits to Life-Sustaining Treatment

6. Suffering

He is not in great pain, but he cannot imagine his life ever having meaning again. He was forced to watch as the thugs who broke into his house raped and tortured his wife and young children and then killed them in gruesome and painful ways. They spared his life - but they blinded him and punctured his eardrums so he could not identify them and also cut off his hands and feet to add to his misery. He asks you to help him end his suffering by ending his life.

Would you consider granting his request?

What is the threshhold here?

  • If you WOULD be inclined to grant this request, what is the least degree of suffering in which you would be inclined to go along?
  • If you WOULD NOT be inclined to grant this request, is there ANY degree of suffering that would incline you to go along? Construct your own scenario.

Created by Glenn C. Graber
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