Limits to Life-Sustaining Treatment

What are the possibilities here? In addition to the question of HOW we might limit treatment, there are questions about WHEN this might be done. Again here, there are a range of possibilities.

Among the possibilities are:
0. Sustaining even AFTER death has been declared
1. Death as the limit
2. Terminal stage of terminal illness
3. Earlier stage of terminal illness
4. Incurable illness

5. Intolerable pain
6. Suffering

In the scenarios in this section, we will describe a specific case - and usually a specific action that might be considered in connection with that case. You should try to generalize from this to consider the range of cases that might fit this description and the range of actions (among those described under the HOW section) that might be considered.

Also feel free to consider other alternatives to the categories in this - or any - section of this unit.

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