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TWRA Wildlife Management Units — Dyer County, Tennessee

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency maintains 500-acre water-holding compounds for migratory ducks in West Tennessee. This project employs ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction sensing to map near-subsurface aberrations caused by seismic activities that have caused sand blows within the Mississippi River Alluvium.
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Ames Plantation Water Quality— Fayette & Hardeman  Counties, Tennessee

Since 1991, our multidisciplinary research team has conducted a long-term, field-scale research effort to map the subsurface lateral movement of water in southwestern Tennessee. Successfully applied technologies include ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction (EMI). The research resides on land holdings of 7,500 ha that are held in trust by the Trustees of the Hobart Ames Foundation.

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 Hermitage Springs Site — Davidson County, Tennessee

Archaic-period burial site of a 5000-year old village located in Hermitage, Tennessee. The Alliance For Native American Indian Rights of Tennessee is assisting in protecting the remains. # 40DV5S1.
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Ames Plantation  — Fayette County, Tennessee

Subsurface mapping of slave quarters site. The Ames History map link shows an example of overlaying a Civil War-era map over a modern aerial photo and 1940's era aerial photography.  The GIS overlay method (RECTIFY) allowed location of a community of slave cabins.

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Mount Olive Cemetery  — Montgomery County, Tennessee

Providing surveying expertise for mapping unmarked graves within this historic African-American cemetery, working with the volunteers of the Mount Olive Cemetery Historical Preservation Society .
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