Food Pyramid Challenge

Check out how much you have learned about the Food Guide Pyramid!

Answer these fifteen questions and check your score to determine your level of nutrition expertise!


Food Pyramid Challenge Questions

Choose your answer by clicking on the appropriate letter. 

There is only one right answer for each question.


1.    How many food groups are in the Food Guide Pyramid?

     a.    Four     b. five     c. six     d. eight


2.    Why are there six spaces on the Food Guide Pyramid?

a.    There are six food groups with recommendations for daily  servings from each.

b.    An extra space is needed for snacks.

c.    The sixth space is for Fats, Oils, & Sweets.

d.    An extra space was drawn for your favorite foods.

3.    The base of the Pyramid includes foods we need to eat the most of.

                TRUE                        FALSE

4.    What Food Group serves as the base of the Food Guide Pyramid?

  a.    Fats, Oils, & Sweets      b.  Vegetables

  c.    Fruits                           d.  Breads  .                     

5.    How many servings from the Bread Group do teens need daily (on the average)?

        a.    9         b.    11         c.    7        d.    5

6.    Which Food Group is made up of plants and is a major source for Vitamin A?

        a.    Milk Group               b. Meat Group

        c.    Vegetable Group       d. Bread Group

7.    How many vegetable servings do teens need daily?

        a.    3        b.    1         c.    6         d.    4

8.    What is another plant-based food group that is a good source for Vitamin C?

        a.    Milk Group            b. Fruit Group

        c.    Meat Group           d. Bread Group

9.    How many servings of Fruits do teens need to eat daily?

        a.    3        b.    4         c.    2        d.    1

10.    Which Food group comes from both plant and animal sources?

        a.    Milk Group               b. Vegetable Group

        c.    Bread Group             d. Meat Group

11.    How many servings do teens need daily from the Meat Group?

        a.    4 servings                 b.   16 ounces

        c.    6 ounces                   d.    8 ounces

12.    The Food Group that provides the most calcium is the Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt Group.

         TRUE                           FALSE

13.    How many servings (on the average) do teens need from the milk group daily?

            a.    3        b.    2        c.    6        d.    8

14.    The Food Guide Pyramid recommends that teens consume at least 4 servings from the Fats, Oils, & Sweets part of the pyramid.

          TRUE                           FALSE

15.    Which drink should be included in the tip of the Pyramid?

 a.    Chocolate milk                         b. skim milk

 c.    Orange juice                           d. soft  drink