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Click the Pyramid to learn more about foods included in each group and the recommended number of daily servings teens need

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Menu Judging Activity

    In this activity, a menu for one day will be given.  Participants will evaluate the menu by comparing  it with Food Guide Pyramid recommendations.

For this activity, Junior High and Senior students need to learn:

  1. The Food Guide Pyramid Food Groups

  2. Foods in each food group.

  3. Recommended number of servings for a 2,200-caloric level menu.

Most teen females need 2,200 calories daily to maintain their current weight, while most teen males need about 2,800 calories daily.  For the purpose of this learning site and judging event, the 2,200 calorie level diet will be utilized as the "standard".

To prepare for a Judging event, you and your team members will need to spend time together studying and learning about the food groups and the nutrients they provide to us.  Use the 4-H Foods & Nutrition Judging Guides to help you prepare.

Below are additional links to activities that will help you sharpen your "Nutrition Know-How"!

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