Foods and Nutrition Judging Guides


The Food & Nutrition Judging Guide will serve as your major resource to facilitate learning for your judging team. They are self-contained, with all the basic information students and coaches need for a successful Foods and Nutrition learning experience. These guides may be downloaded here in their entirety, or you can pick one up from your county extension office. County Extension agents may order these publications directly from the Mail room via e-mail or phone. The publication numbers are:

PB1555 ---Jr. High Food & Nutrition Judging Guide

PB1556 C Senior Food & Nutrition Judging Guide


It will also be useful for County Extension agents and volunteer coaches to utilize other resources to help students learn about Food and Nutrition. Many of you have excellent additional resources, including 4-H project literature, curricula from other states, or lesson plans you have created that can help you effectively teach the concepts that are addressed in this judging activity. Use what you have to make the learning sessions fun and meaningful to youth. For teens to invest their time in our programs and activities, we have to provide a Aproduct of value@ to them. Hopefully, the end result will be actively engaged youth who have fun with friends while they are learning important concepts they will use for a lifetime.

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PB1555-Jr. High Foods and Nutrition Judging Guide -- PDF Format


PB1556-Senior Foods and Nutrition Judging Guide -- PDF Format




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