Q: How do I go about taking part in your club?
A: Simple. Show up at The Bubble on a Tuesday or Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30. Directions can be found below.

Q: Do I have to already know how to fence?
A: No, at the start of every semester we have a "newbie class", and will often take in new fencers mid-semester as well.

Q: Can I learn/fence over the summer?
A: Though we do sometimes have summer practices, most of the members have returned home and I would therefor suggest not attempting to learn from us over the summer.

Q: Ok, so if UT's not for me, who else is there?
A: If our environment does not suit your needs, or you wish for summer practices, we advise either Oak Ridge or the Blades of Knoxville.

Q: What equipment will I need?
A: We have a large supply of equipment, and so all guys will need is a cup. However, should you decide to purchase your own, Triplette is our usual vendor. If you have any questions about what to get, either stop by a practice or ask us.

Q: What do you charge?
A: We charge $25 per semester for students. This is mainly to replace old and broken equipment, and is not requested until you are sure you will stay.

Q: How do I get there?
A: It's pretty easy. There are actually several ways to get there, all of which involve the interstate and/or Kingston Pike. The easiest way is to take exit 387, and turn onto 17th street heading toward campus (it's not hard to see). This will take you up past Hess Hall until you hit a stop sign with the option only to turn right. This is Andy Holt Ave. You'll see The Bubble in between the HYPR and the Aquatic Center. Alternately, you can also get to Andy holt by turning onto Volunteer Blvd. from Kingston Pike and then turning left onto Andy holt roughly a mile down (first light).

Q: Ok...I've read this much and you still haven't answered MY question!
A: Well, that's not a question, but for additional help, try to contact us.